Have hair like Shane

Have hair like Shane

The L Word’s Shane McCutcheon, played by Katherine Moennig, has one of the hottest hairdos in Hollywoood and is adored by lesbians across the world. The key to Shane’s look is the texture in her hair. Beauty journalist Sunny Burns caught up with hair stylist Tom Hanley on how to achieve this messy yet chic look.

“It’s obvious it’s been styled, yet it doesn’t look like she’s spent hours in front of the mirror doing her hair. The way it has been styled brings out all the layering and texture in her haircut,” Hanley said.

Steps to achieve the Shane look:

Step 1 : To create this look, firstly I would liberally apply KMS sea-salt spray through the hair while it is still wet. This is an amazing product as it gives your hair that dirty gritty feeling you get after hours in the surf.

Step 2: Next, I would dry the hair using a diffuser (if you don’t have a diffuser at home they cost about $20 from your local salon, alternatively put an old sock over the end of the hair dryer). A diffuser dries the hair, but it slows down and evenly distributes the air flow from the dryer, which encourages curl and texture in your hair.

Step 3
: Once the hair is 100 percent dry, you will either need to encourage or calm down the texture in your hair, depending on your hair type. I would do this by using either KMS dry wax or KMS moulding paste. Spray in the dry wax or manipulate the moulding paste through the ends of your hair using the tips of your fingers. It is important not to use too much product as you will leave the hair looking greasy and ruin the ‘effortless’ look.

Step 4: Once you are happy with the way it’s looking, finish with either KMS anti-humidity spray (to calm down fly-aways and give it a bit of shine), or KMS hairspray (to lock the look in and stop it from going flat).

Step 5: As with all hairstyles, it will take a while to master but once you have, you won’t look back.

info: If you would like more tips on how to achieve this look or would like to get your hair cut like Shane, email hairstylist Tom Hanley on [email protected]. To get your hands on KMS products call 1800 506 060 or visit www.kmscalifornia.com

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