Honour Awards 2022: Here are the finalists

Honour Awards 2022: Here are the finalists

Unsung LGBTQ heroes and community champions lead the field of finalists of the 2022 Honour Awards. 



Presented by Dowson Turco Lawyers

Ann-Marie Calilhanna: For her passionate and dedicated work in documenting Sydney’s vibrant LGBTQ culture over 20 years through photography, and for supporting LGBTQ causes, organisations and businesses. A beloved figure in Sydney’s LGBTQ scene, Ann-Marie has been at the forefront of capturing people, places and events for the past two decades, ensuring a lasting photographic record of our unique LGBTQ history and heritage.

Brodie Gray: For her work in supporting LGBTQ communities in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven. In 2021, Brodie established the LGBTQ social and support network, Queers Down South, which provides a much-needed forum for sexuality and gender diverse people in the south coast regions of NSW. Queers Down South enables networking, connection, knowledge-sharing and capacity-building for LGBTQ people in the NSW south coast, helping to improve community strength and resilience. 

Katherine Wolfgramme: For her tireless work as a trans advocate, activist and educator. As a consultant and trainer, Katherine delivers important inclusion training for large corporations and organisations that helps deepen understanding of trans people and communities. Katherine is also a passionate activist, elevating causes and issues that progress trans rights, empower trans lives and strengthen trans health and wellbeing. 

Nyx Harris: For their work in advocating for the health and wellbeing of sexuality and gender diverse autistic people. Through their involvement with Autism Spectrum Australia, Nyx provides vital support to LGBTQIA+ autistic community members, ensures access to vital support mechanisms and pathways to appropriate services, advocates for greater inclusion and serves as a role model for young autistic community members. 



Presented by people2people

David Connah: For his impressive work in promoting diversity and fostering LGBTQ inclusion in higher education and corporate Australia. Through his time at university and appointments at KPMG and Oliver Wyman, David has proactively developed and implemented initiatives that puts LGBTQ inclusion front and centre.

Isabella Calero-Rivarola: For her work in advocating and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth. Through her work with Wear It Purple, Isabella ensures young sexuality and gender diverse people are supported, protected and resilient. Isabella is also a passionate disability advocate and leads Australia’s first ever employment program that supports LGBTQIA+ job seekers with disability enter the workforce. 

Nicholas Steepe: For his passionate work championing sexuality and gender diverse communities in regional and rural NSW. Over the years, Nicholas has spearheaded a number of initiatives that provides support, visibility and advocacy for regional and rural LGBTQ communities, including in the areas of mental health, diversity and inclusion. 

Jacob White: For his tireless work fighting for equal rights and achieving social justice. As part of the team at Equality Australia, Jacob campaigns and advocates on issues affecting our communities. Jacob is also a passionate HIV advocate, raising visibility and awareness of people living with HIV, dispelling myths and stereotypes, and confronting HIV stigma head on.



Presented by SBS

The Aurora Group: For its ongoing support for various LGBTIQ+ projects and initiatives through its grants programs, the funds of which are raised via events and activities that bring people from sexuality and gender diverse communities and their allies together. 

BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation: For strengthening, empowering and elevating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQ+ community through its innovative programs, vital services, strong advocacy agenda and much-needed support work. 

Strong Safe Fabulous: For providing support and resources for LGBTQIA+ parents and children to help prevent family violence. Strong Safe Fabulous is a collaborative project between Prosper (Project Australia) and Rainbow Families. 

Coastal Twist Festival: For delivering a vibrant and diverse LGBTIQ arts and culture festival in the NSW’s Central Coast, which has helped efforts to transform the region into a thriving and inclusive hub for our communities.



Presented by St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

Yesim Karasu: For their passion, commitment and hard work in helping to improve the health and wellbeing of sexuality and gender diverse people in their various support roles in mental health, disability, LGBTQ+ youth and student support, and suicide prevention. 

Brahm Marjadi: For his work in LGBTQIA+ health advocacy and inclusion in the Western Sydney region, nationally and internationally. Through his various appointments in the medical and education sector, Associate Professor Brahm Marjadi has advocated fervently for sexuality and gender diverse inclusion in the health and wellbeing space, in medical education, and in higher education.    

Loretta Healey: For 25 years of service in sexual health. As Senior Counsellor at RPA Sexual Health Clinic, Loretta provides vital psycho-social care, in particular to those recently diagnosed with HIV and/or other STIs. Loretta also contributes to HIV and sexual health best practice, by co-authoring numerous peer reviewed publications, and provides in-service education session to work colleagues and GPs. 

Steve Spencer: For his tireless work in HIV advocacy including facilitating greater community access to PrEP and tackling HIV stigma. Steve has also been nominated for his passionate work in raising awareness of issues impacting bi+ Australians including sexual health, HIV healthcare and the importance of addressing biphobia.     



Presented by Positive Life NSW

Ruan Uys: For his efforts to deliver programs and activities at the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation that connects people living with HIV and addresses social isolation such as yoga, art and photography workshops, creative writing session or hosting a book club. 

Julie Bates & Basil Donovan: For their tireless work to improving the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV over the past 40 years. Through their dedication, advocacy and expert perspectives, Julie and Basil have been key influencers in policy change, and in helping achieve low rates of HIV among sex workers in NSW and Australia more broadly and other populations. 

Joanne Holahan: For 35 years of service as a nurse, starting at St Vincent’s in 1987 at the height of the AIDS crisis. Today, Joanne is the Nurse Unit Manager at Royal North Shore’s Clinic 16, where she continues to provide sexual health care as well as passing on her exensive HIV nursing expertise to a new generation of nurses and health care professioals. 

Andrew Buchanan: For a decade of outstanding service at the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. Over the years, Andrew has held various roles at BGF including risk management, HR, IT, research and governance, as well as policy, evaluation and monitoring. His various efforts have helped safeguard and strengthen the organisation and its operations. 



Presented by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Fruit Box Theatre: For supporting queer artists and performers through its activities and programs. Established as a queer-focused theatre company, Fruit Box Theatre aims to foster, nurture and amplify LGBTQIA+ artists and stories through an innovative development program and creative collaborations.

Glitta Supernova: For over two decades work as an artist, performer, producer and culture-maker. In her current role as creative director of Naughty Noodle Fun Haus, Glitta has been instrumental to efforts in elevating the Central Coast region as an emerging arts and culture hub in New South Wales.  

Dyan Tai: For his accomplishments as a performer, musician, artist and DJ. Through various artistic and creative projects, Dyan exhibits exceptional musical talent and skills. Additionally, as a queer person of colour, Dyan is passionate about exploring and celebrating his queer Asian heritage in his work. 

Laura Hart: For her role in nurturing and supporting drag king culture in Sydney. Through her show The Kings, Laura provides a platform for drag kings to perform and express themselves, and creates a safe space for queer women, trans and non-binary people to come together and celebrate the art and allure of drag kings.   



Presented by OUT@NBCUniversal

Courtney Act: For their extensive body of media work, particularly in television – from their early years on Australian Idol and their stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race, to their more recent appearances on Australian Story, Q&A, One Plus One and Dancing With The Stars. Through their platform, Courtney provides support and raises awareness for LGBTQ causes, charities and communities.  

Jason Om: For his work as a broadcast journalist, author and speaker in elevating under-represented voices in the media. From his work on the ABC’s 730 to the publication of his memoir, All Mixed Up, Jason is passionate about speaking up for Asian Australians and culturally diverse people, including gay Asian men, who continue to face prejudice within our communities.  

Roz Bellamy: For their work as editor-in-chief of Archer Magazine, including – notably – Archer’s Disabilities issue published in December 2021. Through a highly collaborative writing, editing and design process, Roz ensures Archer Magazine continues to platform lesser-heard voices from the intersections of LGBTQIA+ communities. The Disabilities issue has been one of the most-read issues of Archer Magazine

Gary Nunn: For his diverse portfolio of articles published in Australian and global media that shines a light on LGBTQ issues. With courage, passion and tenacity, Gary boldly explores topics that affect LGBTQ communities. His work in recent months, published in the BBC, The Guardian Australia, SBS and The Sydney Morning Herald among others, have covered religious discrimination, conversion practices and confronting post marriage equality complacency.



Presented by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association

Sarah Barry & Victoria Spence, Life Rites Funeral: An independent social enterprise by queer women, Life Rites Funerals provides end-of-life support, funerals and ceremonial services for LGBTQI+ communities. Transparent, ethical and trauma-informed, Sarah and Victoria have a focus on building literacy and capacity with mortality, and supporting LGBTQI+ people navigate the end-of-life service journey. 

Hank Paul: An accomplished wedding photographer, educator and author, Hank has been nominated for his inclusion training programs for business owners and service providers in the wedding industry. Through his training modules and multi-part podcast, Hank supports wedding professionals on LGBTQ+ inclusive service provision and empowers them to be allies and equality champions.  

Ed Chiu & Burton Yuen, Stanley Burton: For establishing an underwear retailer for LGBTQIA+ communities with a focus on cultural diversity, age inclusion and body positivity. Through their online store and associated projects, Ed and Burton aim to facilitate conversations about marginalisation, representation and body image in LGBTQIA+ communities. 

Erin Spencer & Bec Cerio, Sock Drawer Heroes: Through their online store Sock Drawer Heroes, Erin and Bec enables access to essential gender affirming products, resources and information; provides a platform for trans-owned brands and trans artists; and runs a support program that gets gender expression products to those that can’t afford them.



Presented by Friends of Cayte

Jeff McCann: Jeff is a Sydney-based artist who works in both visual and performing arts. Jeff specialises in community engagement projects, public art, collaborations, illustration, props and fashion. Jeff’s artistic ethos is to create inclusive works that encourage audience involvement and fun.

Luke Stambouliah: Luke is an international portrait photographer based in Sydney. His photography work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Australia. Beyond the gallery walls, he continued his path into film and television, shooting editorial portraits publicity stills for Australia’s leading actors, artists and productions.

Samuel Luke: Samuel is a trans artist who uses his authentic experiences as a vehicle to explore intimate and complex realities of the lived trans experience. His autobiographical works take the form of prints, artist books, comics, embroidery and murals. 


Winners will be announced at the Honour Awards 2022 on Wednesday 17 August at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney. Tickets are on sale now from www.honourawards.com.au.

The Star Observer is the proud media partner of the Honour Awards.

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