Important Documents Destroyed In Historic Hate Crime Case

Important Documents Destroyed In Historic Hate Crime Case
Image: Paul Simes, Alan Rosendale (Pic: Star Observer)

Alan Rosendale was a victim of what is now a historic gay hate crime in 1989 on South Dowling Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales. After over 30 years, it has now been revealed that important documents that could bring closure to everyone involved, have been destroyed by NSW Police.

On the evening when he was attacked in 1989, Mr Rosendale was allegedly beaten by a group of what is thought to have been four to six men. Mr Rosendale has stated that it felt like his attackers were using “bits of wood” to attack him.

Paul Simes witnessed the attack and subsequently reported it to the police. This report included the number plate of the car that the men who attacked Mr Rosendale had used. Mr Simes was later informed that this number plate belonged to an unmarked police car. This has brought into question whether it was police officers who were involved in the attack.

Over 30 years after the initial attack, Gavin Vance, a volunteer community radio presenter, has begun working with Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes to seek closure for all involved in the case.

Mr Vance has previously informed Star Observer that he has been working in conjunction with former police officer Duncan McNab to ensure they could communicate with the NSW police in the most effective way possible.

 Mr Vance has stated that he had been informed by Mr McNab to ask police directly for the charge sheets, or charge books, for the relevant area and all the sign in/sign out records of police vehicles in the relevant area, all dated between May 1 and May 8 1989.

Mr Vance, Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes all visited the Surry Hills Police Station on Thursday October 1 to request these documents. At the station, police gave them an application form to fill out, and advised them that they would require 20 more days to find these records.

After waiting 20 days, Mr Vance has been informed that “no record that includes the information you seek could be located” and that in regards to the rosters of the night of May 6 1989, “the retention and disposal authority currently allows the destruction of duty rosters after 30 years, however the retention period was previously 20 years. Thus, rosters for May 1989 would have been scheduled for destruction in 2009.”

Mr Vance is still waiting for results from the second application asking for sign in and out records from the Surry Hills Police Station from the same dates.

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