More gay aliens than LGBTI Asian characters in Hollywood

More gay aliens than LGBTI Asian characters in Hollywood

A NEW report by GLAAD has found queer representation decreasing in Hollywood films, with LGBTI people of colour being particularly erased.

The annual Studio Responsibility Index analysed 125 films and found only 23 included LGBTI characters, Gay Star News has reported.

Almost half of the films included under one minute of screen time for queer characters.

People of colour were the worst represented, making up 20 per cent of LGBTI characters compared to 25.5 per cent last year.

Of the LGBTI characters counted, more than two thirds were white. Nine characters were black, four were Asian or Pacific Islander, and one was Latin. Eight characters were non-human.

The GLAAD report described one of the worst offenders, Central Intelligence, as “essentially a near two-hour gay panic joke relying on the homophobic ‘sissy’ stereotype for most of the punchlines”.

It also criticised Zoolander 2 for “a cartoonish portrayal of someone who is non-binary, who only exists to mock people who don’t perform traditional gender roles as strange and ‘other’”.

Several other films, including Beauty and the Beast, Moonlight, and Star Trek Beyond, were well received by the report for their positive portrayals of LGBTI people.

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