Gay Men Discuss Losing Their Virginity To Casual Sex

Gay Men Discuss Losing Their Virginity To Casual Sex
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What is the best way to lose your virginity? A stranger, the love of your life, a best friend?  Is it an important rite of passage or just an overhyped milestone pushed on us by Hollywood romantic comedies? 

Recently, a conversation started on the AskGayMen thread on Reddit about this very topic.

The question was, “Losing virginity to casual sex? Good or bad idea?”

The initial poster then added, “Just don’t know if I should wait for a relationship or not. I really don’t know what to do.”

Losing virginity to casual sex? Good or bad idea?
by u/Jakey767 in AskGayMen

‘Feel Your Fucking Feelings’

One user shared, “You should “lose your virginity.” In a way that is PLEASANT TO YOU. XD”

They continued, “Tell the person you’re being sexual with that it’s your first time. (This is critical, I strongly suggest being transparent about this – there are plenty of guys who will willingly JUST make out with you and let you take the rest at your own pace, and those are the guys you’re looking for! Don’t get alone in a room with a guy who wants to get his dick off in your ass in five minutes or less and then peace the fuck out, that is one of the ways I would NOT recommend losing your virginity – you’ll want some snuggles and pillow talk after, even if you start and decide to not actually fuck or be fucked that first time! :) )”

They concluded with, “The central thing I want to tell you is FEEL YOUR FUCKING FEELINGS. Some things will feel good and other things won’t. Some things will feel good with one person and not with another.”

This advice was widely praised by others in the forum. 

“Holy sh…! With this explanation, I would like to lose my virginity with you, lol!”

“Right?” another added, “I kind of want to get my virginity back so I could lose it to him. LOL.”

‘Awkward, Sloppy, Goofy, Thrilling, Quick, Disappointing’

Another user stressed that the initial poster should, “Lose it. It’s an occasion we all remember. It can be awkward, sloppy, goofy, thrilling, quick, disappointing or “WTF wuz that all about.”

A different person posted advised patience saying, “If you’re having strong doubt, you should probably wait. I know it’s cliche but you do remember your first time and it’s better to have fond memories than cheap memories I think but there could be an argument made for getting it out of the way and being free of that kind of anxiety.” 

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