Lesbians more likely to orgasm during sex: study

Lesbians more likely to orgasm during sex: study
Image: Image from Tina Fiveash's 1994 photo series 'Stories for Girls'.

A new study has found lesbians are much more likely to orgasm during sex than their straight counterparts.

According to the research, 95 per cent of straight men orgasm every time they have sex, while only 65 per cent of straight women do.

Lesbians report far more orgasms, with 86 per cent orgasming every time they have sex. Gay men are slightly ahead, with 89 per cent saying they orgasm each time.

The research, from Chapman University in the US, surveyed 52,000 people of different orientations in monogamous relationships.

It also found 66 per cent of bisexual women orgasm every time, and 88 per cent of bi men do.

“The orgasm gaps between men and heterosexual women were well known prior to this study,” said the researchers.

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