LGBT Groups Call For Action Against Family Violence

LGBT Groups Call For Action Against Family Violence
Image: LGBTQI+ organisations call for action, joining the Walk Against Family Violence on Friday 24 November. Image: Thorne Harbour Health/Facebook

Multiple LGBTQI organisations are collectively calling for Victorians to join the 15th annual Walk Against Family Violence.

This Friday, November 25, organisations, including Thorne Harbour Health, Switchboard Victoria, Transcend Australia, Transgender Victoria and Zoe Belle Gender Collective, will be joining the march hosted by Respect Victoria.

The participating organisations are continuing to advocate for LGBTQI communities, putting a spotlight on experiences that can impact and specifically attribute to Queer people.

LGBT People Are More Vulnerable To Family Violence 

According to the Health Victoria Government’s website, a “significantly higher proportion” of LGBTQI+ adults experience family violence, in comparison to heterosexual adults.

CEO of Thorne Harbour Health, Simon Ruth, spoke out on the “serious issue” which can affect everyone in different ways – especially those who identify as queer.

“Family violence takes a multitude of forms, including some that are unique to LGBTIQ+

relationships such as threatening to out a person due to their gender identity, sexuality, or HIV status as a means to harm or control them,” Ruth explained.

‘Every Person Deserves To Be Safe’

In a 2021 report from Respect Victoria, they note the impact of “Cisnormativity, heteronormativity, gendered norms.” Along with other factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic and individual circumstances, many LGBTQI+ people and parents can be discriminated against and vulnerable to family violence due to these “biological” standards. 

“Family violence impacts us all,” said Switchboard Victoria CEO Joe Ball.

“Every person deserves to be safe. Every person deserves to be able to flee from violence – whether that distance is measured in kms or in countries.”

“Every person deserves to heal from violence. Every person deserves to be able to tell their story,” Ball continued.

Supporting Trans Communities

Transcend Australia CEO Jeremy Wiggins expressed their honour to walk alongside participating organisations for the Walk and its initiative for trans communities.

“It’s vital to our [organisation’s] mission and to the long-term improved health outcomes for our trans communities that we work to eliminate family violence and ensure all people can live free from violence and discrimination,” said Wiggins.

Transgender Victoria CEO Son Vivienne also highlighted the impact of Family Violence against trans and gender-diverse communities.

“Research shows that transgender and gender diverse people are at higher risk of gender-based family violence, with trans people of colour disproportionately impacted.”

Vivienne continued, “We’re joining the Walk to call for more comprehensive data, reporting, and action to help create a future where everyone is safe, equal, and respected — no matter their gender identity.”

Join The Walk Against Family Violence

Since 1999, Victorians have continued to join together for the global campaign of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

The Walk Against Family Violence is the inaugural call starting the 16 days of activism aiming for the “prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls,” says Respect Victoria’s website.

Encouraging participation, Respect Victoria says the day gives people the opportunity to “take action to prevent family violence and violence against women and stand in solidarity with victim-survivors.”

Image: Respect Victoria/Facebook

Join Respect Victoria, Thorne Harbour Health, Switchboard Victoria, Transcend Australia, Transgender Victoria and Zoe Belle Gender Collective this Friday, November 24. Starting from Spring Street, on the steps of Victoria Parliament, Marshalling begins at 10:30 am for an 11 am start.

All LGBTQI members are welcome to join alongside the organisations, and to keep an eye out for the rainbow flag on the day.

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