New Series About Gay Parenting Captures Hearts Worldwide

New Series About Gay Parenting Captures Hearts Worldwide
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Recently released mini-series Lost Boys and Fairies has immediately garnered a worldwide fanbase and put audiences to tears while receiving widespread critical acclaim. 

The series follows queer performance artist Gabriel (Sion Daniel Young) and his partner Andy (Fra Fee) as they adopt Jake (Leo Harris), a 7-year old boy. However, Gabriel will have to process his own childhood trauma before he can begin to truly parent the young Jake.  

Created and written by Welsh writer Daf James based on his own experiences, Lost Boys and Fairies is a specific portrait of Gabriel, whose experiences growing up in the UK under Margaret Thatcher and a religious father have marked him for life. 

Resultantly, Gabriel and Andy’s journey to adoption is heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure as it deftly switches between sincerely human drama and moments of utter joy, such as when Gabriel takes to the stage to sing.

Acclaim for Lost Boys and Fairies

In the short amount of time since its release, the show has already racked up plenty of fans worldwide who have all advised that the show is likely to make you weepy. 

The Guardian awarded the series four stars, calling it an “incredibly emotional drama” that’s all but guaranteed to make you cry. Meanwhile, on IMDb, user submitted reviews currently place the show at an 8.8 average rating. 

Users on Twitter/X were quick to share plenty of praise for Lost Boys and Fairies, with many lauding it and its tear-jerking subject matter. Journalist Jacqui Merrington said that the series “might just be the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever watched on TV. I can’t tear myself away from it. Just beautiful, heart-wrenching.”  

Fellow writer P.J. Benney echoed similar sentiments, saying: “Lost Boys and Fairies might just be the most brilliantly original, creative and profound thing I’ve ever seen from the BBC.”

Plenty of other users also heaped praise upon the series, often mentioning how many tears they spilled across the course of the show. 

Lost Boys and Fairies is available on Stan in Australia – if you’re planning on watching, it might be smart to make sure there’s a box of tissues nearby.

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