Madonna Being Sued For ‘Pornographic’ Concert

Madonna Being Sued For ‘Pornographic’ Concert
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A Madonna ‘fan’ is suing the legendary songstress for subjecting concertgoers to “pornography without warning” among numerous other gripes.

Justen Lipeles has filed a class action lawsuit about the Californian Kia Forum concert of the Celebration Tour; an experience Lipeles claims was not what he and other concertgoers paid for.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, he claimed that Madonna and Live Nation were guilty of the following crimes: breach of written contract, negligent misrepresentation, false advertising, infliction of emotional distress, and unfair competition.

The long list of complaints from Lipeles begins with the fact that the ‘Vogue’ singer was late to start the March 7th show, starting 90 minutes late at 10pm.

Allegedly, Madonna requested that the air conditioning be turned off in the venue, and that Lipeles and other fans became ill as a result of the heat. When asked to turn the A/C back on, she simply told fans to take their clothes off.

On top of that, it seems that Lipeles didn’t enjoy the content of the show either – he claims that Madonna’s live performance was beset with ‘apparent’ lip-syncing and that the audience was forced to watch topless women simulate sex acts on stage.

Lipeles said in court documents: “Forcing consumers to wait hours in hot, uncomfortable arenas and subjecting them to pornography without warning is demonstrative of Madonna’s flippant disrespect for her fans.”

Madonna’s history of provocation

One has to wonder how much this ‘fan’ has kept up with Madonna over the years, given her penchant for shocking and stimulating audiences in equal measure.

Whether she’s kissing Britney Spears, being strung up on a disco cross or releasing an erotic photo book simply titled Sex, the Queen of Pop is no stranger to provocation.

Furthermore, the same night saw Kylie Minogue come on stage to perform Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and I Will Survive, which fans appropriately lost their minds to. Perhaps one of them could have taken Lipeles’ ticket!

It’s not the only instance of controversy for the Celebration Tour; two New York City men sued the singer for starting late, while Madonna’s team responded that no fan of hers would expect the show to begin at its ticketed time. Meanwhile, an apparently overexcited appearance from Ricky Martin made waves on social media in April.

Yet, the tour ended on a high note – a final, free concert in Rio de Janeiro that attracted 1.6 million people in a historic show.

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  1. Can you be, or ever have been a Madonna fan, (that chooses to go to a concert) and have a bee in your bonnet about her being “pornographic????????!!!!!!!!!! I think however, we can all agree anyone of her particular stature, is consistently (or too often) late is more than acceptable to speak up & out about, IF & WHEN this is the honest experience (like 1ST night of last Brisbane dates a handful of years ago now).

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