With its many sensitive nerve endings and pleasure centres, the butt is a party waiting to go off. Last week’s column looked at exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and sphincter.
This week we’ll explore anal massage. So find a special friend, wash or douche, glove up and let’s get to the bottom of the, er, bottom.
If you’ve taken the role of intrepid explorer, start off kneading and squeezing the butt cheeks and crack with a little massage oil or lubricant. Use the heel of your hand, the blade of your arm, the knuckles and the tips of your fingers to vibrate, massage and stroke, not forgetting about the genitals round the other side. Work a little deeper around the sit bones. Vibrate the perineum with the heel of your hand. Trace slow, gentle circles around the anus. Tickle with your fingernails and spank the cheeks and over the crack. Explore with alternate light and firm strokes to help build arousal levels.
Next, gently glide a lubricated finger past the sphincter and up inside. Be slow and gentle and allow the finger to be drawn up inside rather than pushing. Vibrate the finger up and down and from side to side, or try an in-out pumping action.
Pressure on the prostate can be very pleasurable. With a beckoning upward motion (if face up) or downward movement (if face down) feel for a walnut-sized slightly rough mass. Down the centre of the prostate is a groove where the urethra runs through it, and around here is the most sensitive part. Start at the edge and work inwards. Remember to check in and ask what feels good.
If you’re on the receiving end, regularly clench and pulse the muscles around the sphincter and perineum. Squeeze and contract as though you’re pulling the area up inside your body. This action pumps energy up through the body along the spine.
Most importantly, breathe…in and out through the mouth, alternating fast, panting breaths with slow, deep rhythmic breaths into the belly. This helps to build and circulate the energetic charge that’s part of tantric work. Experiment a little. Try relaxing the whole body, tensing the whole body, making sounds and moving around.
This can be an exercise in exploration, in giving and receiving pleasure for the sake of it. Take the time to discover new things without rushing to the ‘sex part’ and orgasm. By taking away this pressure and staying with extended levels of arousal, you can experience new sensations or even trance-like states that take your sexuality to a whole new level.
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