Joel Creasey slams body shaming in the gay community

Joel Creasey slams body shaming in the gay community
Image: Image: Joel Creasey / Instagram.

Comedian Joel Creasey has spoken out against body shaming and unreasonable beauty standards in the gay community.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Creasey said he had seen people on social media obsessing over their body shape ahead of Mardi Gras festivities.

wingmen beyondblue “I’ve seen over the past few months on Instagram and social media gay men discussing their diets and gym regimes in the lead up to Mardi Gras and, particularly, the parade and party—as if they’re training for the Olympics or to compete in Miss Universe,” he wrote.

“Body shaming in the gay community is getting out of control.”

He wrote that he was stunned to see someone post that they were avoiding food like doughnuts in order to prepare for Mardi Gras as early as November.

“What the fuck did you eat on Christmas Day?” he joked.

“A protein shake and turkey-scented air?”

Creasey said he worried about young and impressionable people heading to Mardi Gras, perhaps for the first time, who could be made to feel ashamed of their appearance.

“If you see this shit and it makes you uncomfortable, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. It sends my anxiety skyrocketing,” he wrote.

He said he feels self-conscious about his own body because of scoliosis.

“I have a twisted spine and basically my whole body is lopsided (my chiropractor came to my birthday party… that’s how often I’m there),” Creasey wrote.

“I also happen to love burgers and red wine.

“Picture me chilling out poolside with my shonky shoulder, a glass of Shiraz and a packet of chicken Twisties… can you imagine what doughnut man would think of that?!”

He slammed the norm of ‘perfect’ muscular bodies in gay culture, adding that he wasn’t criticising muscular types, just the expectation that such a build is necessary.

“I’m getting so bored of certain members of the gay community telling people that if you don’t have abs, bulging arms and ‘thighceps’ then you are not welcome at the parade or any of the surrounding Mardi Gras parties,” he wrote.

“Please let’s stop starving ourselves, please let’s stop shaming others and please let’s stop posting dumb shit like “T MINUS 3 WEEKS TO MARDI GRAS” next to a piece of steamed broccoli.

“That’s not what Mardi Gras is about. And that’s not what our community is about.

“Mardi Gras is a celebration of our community, a celebration of how far we’ve come and a celebration of love for both ourselves and for others.”

Creasey’s many followers have thanked him for speaking out, and the post has already been shared hundreds of times.

“So bored with this body image obsession our community has confused with culture,” wrote one fan in reply.

“From a bear… thank you,” posted another.

Creasey will host this year’s Mardi Gras parade, which can be seen on SBS on Sunday March 4.

wingmen beyondblue

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5 responses to “Joel Creasey slams body shaming in the gay community”

  1. Funny how unself aware and hypocritical this author is being. In trying to say he should be able to be happy with himself as he looks he has in fact done exactly what he is accusing others of of doing and body shaming people

    His entire article is trying to make the assertion that those who choose to work out and stay fit are actually “actively shaming” those who do not.

    No one is activity shaming other by the mere fact they stay fit. If those who don’t stay fit feel inadequate that is their issue, as it is clearly his.

    I have been active and participated in sports my entire life because i want to be fit healthy and able to do things when I’m in my 60s 70s and 80s and becuse it feels good. Not because i have made it a goal to go out and shame people that don’t look like me

    The irony most of the people commentimg here are also picking up on is that he is the one who is actively shaming everyone. He is the only one talking about what people should or should not look like. He is he is the one shaming fit people for being fit. He is the one shaming people for choose to got to the gym or run or swim rather then eat donuts or lay on the couch eating pizza. Hey i love the couch and pizza but i also love the gym and going for a run. I have no problem with him eating donuts or pizza but he apparently has a problem with my going for a run and eating a salad.

    Fundementally, this author is a un self aware hypocrite doing exactly what he’s is supposedly speaking against.

    I am more then happy to have him and everyone else at MG, i have always loved the crazy diversity. The drg queens, the dikes on bikes, the muscle boys, the fairies, the bears, strait people , peoples grandparents supporting their gay grandchild, people with scholiosis (one of my ex’s had scholiosis but i guess i was just body shaming him the entire time we were together despite the fact he was in better shape than me), someone in a wheel chair like my brother. They all can come just as they are. . . . And I’m perfectly fine with that and I’m fact love it. Becaues that’s what MG and life is all about

  2. Men in general, respond first to the visual, and become aroused by the physical. A man doesn’t get his dick hard by appreciating a nice personality….