Liberal MP Moira Deeming Faces Expulsion For Attending Melbourne Anti-Trans Rally

Liberal MP Moira Deeming Faces Expulsion For Attending Melbourne Anti-Trans Rally
Image: Liberal MP Moira Deeming (right) with Victorian Opposition leader John Pesutto. Image: Facebook

Victorian Opposition leader John Pesutto announced on Sunday that he will move to expel controversial MP Moira Deeming for participating in an anti-trans rally in Melbourne that was attended by neo-Nazis. 

Deeming spoke at the ‘Let Women Speak’ event organised outside Victorian Parliament by UK anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker on Saturday, March 18, 2023. 

Around 30 neo-Nazi members of the National Socialist Network turned up at the anti-trans rally chanting “white power”, performed Nazi salutes on the steps of the Victorian Parliament and clashed with transgender rights activists. 

Following a public outcry over the vile act by neo-Nazis, Pesutto issued a statement on Sunday night, calling it an “abomination” and an “affront” to values that Victorians should hold dear. 

Deeming’s Position Is Untenable: Pesutto

Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming (left) with British anti-trans campaigner Kellie Jay-Keen and failed Warringah Liberal candidate Katherine Deves after the Let Woman Speak rally in Melbourne on March 18, 2023.

Pesutto said that he met with Deeming and “discussed her involvement in organising, promoting and participating in a rally with speakers and other organisers who themselves have been publicly associated with far right-wing extremist groups including neo-Nazi activists.”

The Victorian Liberal leader said that he had informed Deeming that he would move a motion at the next party room meeting ” to expel her as a member of the parliamentary Liberal Party as her position is untenable.”

“This is not an issue about free speech but a member of the parliamentary party associating with people whose views are abhorrent to my values, the values of the Liberal Party and the wider community.”

Neo Nazis perform the Nazi salute outside the Victorian Parliament on March 18, 2023. Image: Victorian Socialists/Facebook.

“Regardless of religious faith, race, sexual preference and identity, Victorians everywhere should know that the Liberal Party is inclusive and can be a voice for them. No matter what our background we all share the abiding bond of an essential humanity,” said Pesutto. 

Pesutto condemned the hateful actions that occurred at the rally. “The violence, prejudice and hate that these protesters conveyed by their odious actions will never be acceptable in our State. I condemn them and commit to opposing such hate wherever it may exist.” 

A History Of Anti-Trans Statements

Deeming, a former teacher and councillor, has a history of making anti-trans statements. She was pre-selected to replace Bernie Finn for the Upper House Western Metropolitan Region seat in Parliament. 

In her maiden speech in Parliament in February 2023, Deeming cited her campaign against Victoria’s safe schools program, trans access to toilets and sex work regulations.  The MP hit out against the state’s gender affirmation policy and declared that women and female children in Victoria were suffering as the government “cannot or will not define what a female is”.

Deming’s act of speaking at the anti-trans rally proved to be the proverbial last straw for the Opposition leader, who had so far refused to condemn the MP. 

Earlier, Liberal MP David Southwick had called on the Dan Andrews government to “join with the Liberals and Nationals to ensure Victoria Police have the powers, resources and training to stamp out these shocking acts of hate.”

Reacting to news of Deeming’s proposed expulsion, federal Labor MP Julian Hill posted on social media that “Liberals have been taken over by right-wing extremists.”

“They knew perfectly well what this horrible person was like. Yet they chose her anyway! Just pathetic,” Hill added.

Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam said Liberals were aware of Deeming’s views when they selected her. “It’s good the Opposition Leader is moving to expel Moira Deeming from his party. But let’s be clear: Ms Deeming’s harmful views were well-known before she was pre-selected. And now she has a four-year platform in Parliament to spout anti-trans and anti-abortion rubbish,” Ratnam posted on social media.

Nazis Are Not Welcome: Dan Andrews

Daniel Andrews at Midsumma Pride March 2019
Daniel Andrews at Midsumma Pride March 2019.

Premier Dan Andrews slammed the neo-Nazis and anti-trans activists on Saturday. 

“Nazis aren’t welcome. Not on Parliament’s steps. Not anywhere,” Andrews wrote on Twitter.

“They were there to say the trans community don’t deserve rights, safety or dignity. That’s what Nazis do. Their evil ideology is to scapegoat minorities – and it’s got no place here. And those who stand with them don’t, either,” said the Premier.

Andrews said he had a message for trans Victorians.“Our Government will always support you. And we’ll always respect you. Because your rights are not negotiable. “

 The Andrews government had passed a law banning the public display of Nazi Swastikas and other hate symbols in Victoria. The offence is punishable with a jail term of up to 12 months and/or a fine of up to $22,000. However, Nazi salutes have not been outlawed.

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