Aria Award-Winning Musician Beatrice ‘Bertie’ Blackman Named Curator For Sydney LGBT Museum Qtopia

Aria Award-Winning Musician Beatrice ‘Bertie’ Blackman Named Curator For Sydney LGBT Museum Qtopia
Image: Qtopia Sydney Facebook. Supplied

Sydney-based Aria award-winning musician Beatrice ‘Bertie’ Blackman has been named a curator for LGBTQI museum, Qtopia Sydney.

Blackman is a multidisciplinary storyteller utilising various mediums as a musician, visual artist, and writer. 

130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution

Blackman will curate the exhibit 130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution at Qtopia Sydney’s Substation in Taylor Square, next to the Oxford Hotel, as part of the museum’s opening exhibition. 

130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution will highlight the diverse types of music produced within the Australian Queer community from the 70s till now.

In a statement, Qtopia Sydney CEO Greg Fisher welcomed Blackman’s involvement. 

“We are thrilled to have an artist of the calibre of Bertie Blackman bring to life the space through her own curatorial viewpoint,” Fisher said. 

‘History Of Queer Culture Is inseparable From The History Of Music’

Speaking about her exhibition, Blackman said, “The public, visible history of Queer culture is inseparable from the history of music, especially music as a vehicle for social and political protest. 

“As we have increasingly claimed public space – both on the dancefloor and in every area of public life – we have celebrated many gains, whether through changes in legislation, the evolution of antidiscrimination policies and practice, or through social change and cultural expression. 

“While the main building of the former Police Station houses our social and political histories, the Substation will allow us to bring alive the music of revolution. 

“The content will include music video clips, lyrics, social and political context and over time, will also include television interviews, photography, radio interviews, voiceovers and quotes as the exhibition evolves.” 

Her Debut Children’s Book Published In 2020

Blackman has released five albums. Her 2009 album, Secrets and Lies won the Best Industry Release at the Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards.

Her debut children’s book, Mica the Star Sailor was published in 2020 and her memoir, Bohemian Negligence was published in 2022. 

Blackman is the daughter of artists Genevieve de Couvreur and Charles Blackman.  Charles Blackman, who passed away in 2018, is considered one of Australia’s most celebrated figurative artists of the 20th century. 

Qtopia Sydney Set To Open In February 2024

Qtopia Sydney is set to open at its permanent location at the Darlinghurst Police Station in February 2024.

The site of the old Darlinghurst Police Station on Forbes and Bourke Streets has an important place in the city’s queer history. The police station was once associated with the harassment and persecution of Sydney’s LGBTQI community, including 78ers.

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