Anyone who has been out and about watching drag shows over the last couple of years would know that drag has changed dramatically. Once upon a time, costumes consisted of huge feather backpacks, four stories of hair and a kilo of glitter per face. Anything that was made for the stage was made from sequin and then even more sequin, and don’t start me on the jewellery.

Like many things, time does change fashion and people’s interpretation of it, even in the drag world. Now many faces look like they are made up of a little tinted moisturiser and lip gloss. Many have striven to look as much like a real girls as possible, with off-the-rack outfits and flat hair. Hey, each to their own, that is what I say. Damn those new millennium molls!

One thing that is starting to confuse me, though, is that a lot of the real girls are starting to get on the sequin/glitter drag bandwagon. With sequin tops on every shelf at Paddy’s Markets and diamant?in every second shop, I say, why not?

I was at a nightclub last Friday night and in swishes an amazing glittery creature -“ a ton of hair, glitter lips, lashes for days, sequin gown and a feather boa to boot. Wow, I thought, where is this fledgling showgirl from? After a short conversation I found out her name was Shirley from Bankstown. She has two kids and loves to dress up on the weekend ever since she saw a show at the Albury many years ago.

Well, I am not sure about Miriam but there is definitely something about Shirley. Shirley told me that I was not the first person to confuse her with a drag queen and says that sometimes her children’s friends call her a drag queen.

Have our showgirl secrets been shared with too many people? If a mum from Bankstown can transform herself into a convincing showgirl, does that mean anyone can do it? Are we losing our showgirl history and culture?

Though it looks like we are on that path, I think not. There are still showgirls out there who aren’t afraid to go big, bold and over-the-top. My only suggestion is to all those girls how haven’t discovered glitter yet, just try it once. If Shirley can do it while picking up the kids from school, you should be able to.

EYESPY This weekend is one of my favourite long weekends, the Queen’s Birthday. As I have mentioned many a time, Hand In Hand was one of the first dance parties I ever went to in drag. So when it finally finished I was at a loss. In came Big Queer Nation to the rescue, taking over from where Hand In Hand finished. We once again have a winter dance party to go to.

For all of the boys who welcomed two surprise visitors to Bodyline last Tuesday night, thank you for being so friendly to me and Penny Tration. Celebrating my birthday, Bodyline seemed like the best place to go. Oh, by the way, I love you, Dirk.

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