DJ Ryan Murphy

DJ Ryan Murphy

DJ Ryan Murphy will be playing at Sleaze on Saturday 2 October in the Royal Hall of Industries (RHI). A regular on the trance party scene and at the Midnight Shift Club, Ryan gives us his favourite five tracks at the moment.

SATELLITE (Above & Beyond Remix)

Oceanlab has pressed solid gold trance with this track, not to be confused as a remake of Tasmin Archer’s classic Sleeping Satellite. The euphoria is supplied by none other than the first lady of trance, Justine Suissa, the name behind anthems like Burned With Desire, Sky Falls Down, Clear Blue Water. Really this track is all about her haunting voice.

NAKED ANGEL (Agnelli & Nelson Afterburn Remix)
Scott Bond vs Solar Stone

What a mouthful, and what a fat sound! Naked Angel layers a heavenly Gregorian-like chant of biblical proportions over anthemic Agnelli & Nelson sounds. This track is more driving than a Ryobi hammer drill. People with affection for raised wooden platforms will feel right at home.

True Form

Armin Van Burren has been pushing this one for a while, and rightly so -“ it’s out on his label. With a slightly more progressive feel this instrumental warms the soul of the dancefloor. Trance in the key of B-flat minor -“ what more could one ask?

Got The Groove (SM In Motion Mix)

I can see the smile on Chip’s face now. Synonymous with pumped-up straight clubs and souped-up cars, Got The Groove is a party classic. I have been playing this track for years and it just may work its way into my Sleaze set.

Depest Blue

Okay, so it’s not trance, but when I first heard this track in One Stop DJ I got goosebumps all over. Warm male vocals are a rare gem in popular gay house -“ it seems to be all screaming divas venting their frustrations to the dancefloor now days. Give It Away oozes uplifting chic disco house. Expect big things from Deepest Blue and look out for their new single.

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