Fred Nile has introduced a bill that would allow discrimination against LGBTI people

Fred Nile has introduced a bill that would allow discrimination against LGBTI people
Image: Fred Nile. Image: Facebook / Fred Nile.

Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile has introduced a bill to New South Wales Parliament that would allow and protect discrimination against LGBTI people.

The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedom) Bill seeks to amend the law so that individuals and certain bodies are protected from discrimination on the basis of their religious beliefs and activities.

It would allow businesses such as florists, bakers and motels to refuse service to same-sex couples on the basis of religion.

The bill would also allow lawyers to refuse to provide family law advice to same-sex couples.

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the introduction of the bill.

“Freedom of conscience and belief is among the most fundamental of human rights and it must be defended and protected by our parliaments,” said managing director Martyn Iles.

“At a time when many political leaders and institutions are becoming increasingly emboldened in their hostility towards faith, many ordinary Australians are feeling marginalised in their workplaces and communities.

“Whilst the bill won’t solve Australia’s serious religious freedom problem following the same-sex marriage vote, it is a welcome and significant step in the right direction.”

The bill would protect people who express beliefs that marriage is only valid between a man and a woman, as well as those who believe in only two genders.

Nile is a longstanding anti-LGBTI figure in Australian politics, who leads an annual prayer against the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Last year he claimed that marriage equality would lead to the “dangerous ideology” of “radical gay sex education” for children.

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13 responses to “Fred Nile has introduced a bill that would allow discrimination against LGBTI people”

  1. This man Nile is a blithering idiot ! like all fundalists. They believe in some mythical god who hasn’t helped a single sole in the past 2000 years. His god is like all of the 1000+ before them. None are worth the reams of paper and vile tripe they all spout. He doesn’t deserve a moments thought if he expects many to believe his nonsense or respond to his drivel !

  2. That easy problem to fix. Welcome to church of homosexual. Just evil Fred did when he and wife (dead)got kick out from another church he just started new one festival of light. So the church of homosexual will be growing church in the world. Now devil Fred put that in your pipe and smoke it

  3. “Freedom of conscience and belief is among the most fundamental of human rights and it must be defended and protected by our parliaments,” said managing director Martyn Iles.

    “Freedom to discriminate, based on our bigotry, must be protected”.

    Fixed it for you.

  4. ” A bill to allow discrimination on the basis of Religion”. Think about that for a minute. It means that businesses of all varieties will be allowed to discriminate against not just our GLBTIQ Community but will also allow them to discriminate against Jews, Hindus, Muslims and, though it is not a “religion” because it does not believe in an other-worldly, omnipotent, omniscient being, Buddhism. It will also allow discriminations against Christians by people of other faiths, Atheists & Agnostics..
    It would also, even if not intended, open the doors to discriminate against, and hatred of, people based on their Race, Ethnicity, the colour of their skin – including Whites!
    This nasty little hate-filled man stands for everything that is Evil. He stands and preaches against the very teachings of the mythical character called Jesus. There is no proof that he ever actually existed. The first recorded ‘evidence’ that he did exist was not written until some 64 years after a rabble-rouser was crucified along with two others – a common practice under the Romans and not just in Palestine.
    Fred Nile should be charged with promoting Hatred – and not just hatred of the GLBTIQ Community but hatred of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc. for this is what his proposed Legislation will make legal.
    We all know that our politicians are trying to limit and remove our Freedom of Speech, Thought, Movement so as to conform to the mores (such as they are, of the two major Australian political parties: the ALP and Liberals supported by the Greens, Nationals, and the neo-fascists of One Nation and the t Australian Conservatives.
    This legislation, if passed, would, for the first time in Australian Law, make Hatred and Hate Crimes legal.
    When Freddie claimed his wife had been raped why did she/he not go to the Police and report it? With one exception, Rape has been a Criminal Offence for as long as anyone can remember.
    Until very, very recently when the laws were changed a man could not be charged with raping his wife. It was a woman’s duty to have sex with her husband as and when he wanted to have it. If she tried to refuse he could, legally, rape her.
    The NSW Parliament should reject this -Nazi-style Legislation.

  5. Journalism at its best in story spinning. “Dicscimination by religion” or “freedom of conscience”. Who’s pushing who’s agenda down the peoples throats.

  6. freedom
    the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

  7. Fred’s bill strangely enough doesn’t cover the right of christian businesses to discriminate against adulterers, such as he and his previously divorced wife. An oversight, I’m sure.

    Vile, irrelevant nasty little so-called ‘christian’.

  8. Good ol Fred – still fighting dragons and windmills that only exist in his own tired ol twisted brain. When oh when is he going to do us all a favour and retire?

  9. What an absolute coward, hiding behind an ancient book to display his personal hatreds. But why stop with LGBTI people? Why not allow the “religious” to discriminate against everyone?

    Why not allow Muslims to discriminate against Christians, or Christians against Jews, or everybody against Buddhists? Why not allow everything in the Bible to be allowed? Why can’t we still sell our daughters into slavery, or have more than one wife, or have 700 concubines like King David did?

    In fact why have Parliaments when we can all just let people like the Reverend Fred Nile tell us how to live, because he knows what God’s will is? I guess because then, the good Rev. would be out of a job that earns him way too much money.

  10. My mother is great friends with two retired nuns who love travelling together (and have hilarious travel stories). I have absolutely no idea if they’re a lesbian couple but they’re certainly not out if they are. So when they are inevitably refused service under the Fred Nile legislation for being two short-haired women in comfortable clothing with an evident affection for each other, what will the Christian Lobby have to say in their defense (surely the ACL doesn’t endorse anti-nun discrimination? Or does it?) and will these women have the right to sue?

    With rights come responsibilities and Nile’s idea, if implemented, may well put those who think they’re refusing service to a gay couple in a very ugly position when they’re found to be wrong.

    It’s also frankly horrific that businesses who deny service to gay people would explain this to people on an individual basis. It would be humiliating for all involved. The law should require businesses exercising their anti-gay rights to have a sign at their doorway explaining their position to avoid any un-Christian confrontation.

  11. Fred Vile from The Festival of Fright, has been campaigning against Homosexuals literally all of his life. He’s achieved nothing much as a person or as a representative of his particular brand of religion. Poor sod went on TV during the 80’s claiming that if his wife was raped, he would not agree to an abortion!. His then wife actually agreed with him. This man is a fundamentalist nightmare. Largely, he’s enjoyed hearing himself discriminate.