Glad to be G.A.Y.

Glad to be G.A.Y.

Summer at the Civic is the theme of the big G A Y party during the upcoming holiday weekend. The four drag queens (three Anthonys and a Philip) who banded together some months ago to launch the first G.A.Y. gig are back again. Amelia Airhead-Smith, Chelsea Bun (pictured), Tess Tickle and Trudi Valentine will be throwing their second G.A.Y. party on the Australia Day weekend at the Civic Hotel.

It’s a summer theme -“ summer at the Civic, says Chelsea Bun, one of the Anthonys in question. But even though it’s drag-owned and operated, we want to keep away from that whole drag element. That’s why we hope to appeal to everybody -“ both boys and girls -“ and we do want to encourage lesbians to come along.

G.A.Y. could have some competition from other popular parties around town, not the least of which are the second outing of Queer Nation at Home, Paul Mac (and friends) at Arq and a special leather night at the Midnight Shift.

However, promoters Trudy and Chelsea have refined and re-tuned their plans for G.A.Y.’s January outing and, if anything, have even more lined up for this particular Sunday party.

Punters will have three rooms and seven DJs to choose from, including the popular Dot Dingle for upstairs. The rest of the line-up is Alex Taylor, Bruce Dixon, Richard Weiss, Roger Z, Ronnie James and Sean Manley.

Minor problems like the over-zealous air conditioning on the top floor have been ironed out, and the one-hour queues for the lower floor room will be a thing of the past, the organisers say. The reason people wanted to stay downstairs last time is because that was where we said we’d have our shows, Trudy Valentine says. This time, we’re changing our focus and we’re bringing our own staging area and there’ll be another dedicated stage on the top floor. So you can really be anywhere and catch the best of what’s going on.

In particular, Chelsea advises that the shows will consist of a compilation of girls and boys so there’s no actual drag shows. They’re just party shows, she says.

Last time we had existing drag shows from around town, but this time, we’re doing our own, Trudy explains.

You know, we had a lot of people comment on how nice the staff were on that first night, Trudy adds. The same thing will happen this time around. Superlative service will still be the order of the day.

Punters obviously have fond memories of the first G.A.Y. party -“ tickets for this one are already racing out the door. And take note: there are only a thousand tickets on offer.


Tickets for G.A.Y. at the Civic Hotel on Sunday 27 January are available now for $25 (including booking fee) at House of Priscilla and Body Bronze in Oxford Street, Fantasy Lane in Darlinghurst and the Civic Hotel.

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