How Police Allege Cop Stalked, Planned And Killed Jesse Baird And Luke Davies

How Police Allege Cop Stalked, Planned And Killed Jesse Baird And Luke Davies
Image: Jesse Baird and Luke Davies. Images: Instagram

The last post on Instagram by former Channel 10 presenter Jesse Baird on February 18 was of him and his boyfriend Qantas flight attendant Luke Davis enjoying a Pink concert days earlier.

A day later,  celebrity blogger-turned-NSW Senior Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon shot the couple dead at Baird’s Paddington home, before transporting their bodies in surf bags to a property in rural NSW. 

It would take the police almost a week to trace their bodies after Lamarre-Condon finally told the police where he disposed of the bodies.

While the police are yet to disclose the complete details of their investigation into the killing, Star Observer has put together a timeline based on police and media reports. 


NSW Police officer Beau Lamarre-Condon was arrested for the alleged murders of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.

Though Lamarre-Condon was reported to be Baird’s ex-boyfriend, friends of the former TV presenter told media that the two had never dated. They might have been intimate in the past, but as far as Baird was concerned it was over. 

That was not how Lamarre-Condon saw it, and he reportedly stalked Baird, breaking into his home – once damaging a TV set. Baird had reported about a “shadowy figure” once at the foot of his bed. 

Days before the murder, Lamarre-Condon checked out his service pistol from Miranda police station. He also bought a surf bag, which indicates he initially intended to kill only Baird and dispose of his body. 

On Sunday, February 18, Baird and Davies were last seen alive, as they returned to Baird’s Paddington home after dinner with friends. The next day, around 9.50 am neighbours reported hearing an argument and gunshots – the CCTV captured three gunshots around 9.50 am on February 19. A Triple zero call was also reported to have been made from Baird’s phone. 

Lamarre-Condon allegedly shot dead Baird and then Davies, who he had not expected to find at Baird’s home. He went out to purchase a second surf bag and rented a white van from Sydney Airport to transport the bodies. 

Cop Hid Bodies In Rural Property

On Tuesday, Lamarre-Condon made partial admissions to an acquaintance, about being responsible for the death of two persons. He also signed back his pistol at Miranda police station the same day without raising any suspicions. 

On Wednesday, February 21, a staff member at a nearby venue, found items in a skip bin in Cronulla, including bloodied clothes, a watch and a mobile phone, and alerted the police. 

Police searched Baird’s Paddington home and found a “significant amount of blood”. In its initial press note, police said they were searching for Luke Davies and wanted to speak to Baird, who they said could help with the investigations. It soon however becomes clear to the police that both Baird and Davies’s disappearance was “suspicious”. 

The same day, Lamarre-Condon took the help of a female friend to buy an angle grinder and padlock from a local hardware store, before they visited a rural property in Bungonia, in the NSW Southern Tablelands. Lamarre-Condon used the angle grinder to sever the padlock and replaced it with a padlock purchased from the hardware store. 

The female friend was left at the top of the property for about 30 minutes, while Lamarre-Condon disappeared for that period in the white van. 

According to police, Lamarre-Condon and the female acquaintance left for Sydney and he later returned to the rural property in Bungonia, after having purchased two torches and weights. 

Cop Surrenders After Murders

Lamarre-Condon left the area around 4.30 am on February 22 and visited the Newcastle area before returning to Sydney and handing himself to police on Friday, February 23 morning.

He refused to cooperate with the police, while police searched dams in the area and the property at Bungonia. 

A week after he allegedly committed the murders and four days after his arrest, Lamarre-Condon finally broke his silence.

After changing his lawyers and receiving fresh legal advice, Lamarre-Condon told the police on Tuesday, February 27, about the location of the bodies – the remains were found around 20 minutes away from the rural property in Bungonia that was originally the focus of police investigations. 

Police found the bodies in two surf bags that were covered with debris. 


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