Justin crowned Mr HCB 2010

Justin crowned Mr HCB 2010

Justin Hyde was named Mr Harbour City Bear 2010 at the Supper Club on Saturday night. The 34-year-old father of one from Croydon Park beat four other contestants for the sash. The insurance company director will head to Melbourne for Southern HiBEARnation where he will compete for the Mr Australasia Bear title, currently held by Mr Harbour City Bear 2009 Jason Lee.

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6 responses to “Justin crowned Mr HCB 2010”

  1. I have known Justin for many year, even before he transitioned to male. These comments are so shallow and typical of the anorexia obsessed gay culture in Sydney. I think Justin has shown enormous courage in running for Mr Bear and WINNING, especially as he has refused penile construction surgery and is proud to have a vagina and not buy into traditional gender constructs.

    Justin, vagina and all, you are an inspiration to everyone.


  2. ‘Wheres Jenny Craig and / or a Weight Watchers Rep when you need 1 aye Chris? ..’

    too right..and why don’t you add The Biggest Gay Loser!!!

  3. Wheres Jenny Craig and / or a Weight Watchers Rep when you need 1 aye Chris? .. spose according to you they would make a killing at a Chunky Party or Bears on a Friday Night. Slagging off a sub group within our already anti everything gay world just makes for more hatred and I can only assume the perfection that you ooze ..

  4. And we love ,body fascist!Grow up and throw stones at your own gay subgroup.Love /lust is diversity.

  5. Since when has being obese been sexy.This bear thing is in a lot of cases a massive excuse for being fat , lazy and unhealthy.