Julia, up until recently you had the support of a large chunk of the Australian gay community and probably a whole stack of voters swinging back to Labor from the Greens — all swept up in the euphoria of our first ever female PM bringing in a new era of inclusive and fair policy for the GLBT community.

Well, after your comments on gay marriage you can kiss all that goodbye!

— John


The only recent “steps to equalise treatment for gay couples” we have seen has been the swift implementation of excluding Centrelink entitlements to gay de facto partners — which means more money in Government coffers.

Julia darling, equal rights is not just about cherry picking where it suits. After the initial excitement and euphoria you have just lost my vote.

— Con


Should you have a medical condition that makes you unable to regulate your body temperature, (this can be the case for some folk with HIV and many other conditions) and hold an electricity account, and are also a Centrelink pensioner, or have a health care card, or any of the Department of Veterans Affairs cards, you may be eligible for a rebate from your energy provider.

To gain this rebate, call your energy provider for a Medical Energy Rebate Form then visit your GP to get his section filled and send in said form. Hope this make some people’s struggles easier.

— Ulo


A ‘conscience vote’ on what is clearly in the best interests of the stability of children (‘Keneally: Love us or hate us?’,

Study after study has shown that adoption is a better option than fostering for many children as it provides security and stability (as well as legal rights). The ALP and Libs are completely disgusting in allowing this to be decided on the ‘conscience’ of their MPs.

Both parties should be supporting this unequivocally and taking disciplinary action on any member who votes against party lines. This is nothing but a hedged bet by both parties to win gay votes while not alienating conservative votes.  You’ll get no thanks from me, Ms Keneally, and Mr O’Farrell isn’t any better.

— John


It’s better to have someone like Keneally as NSW Premier — who is torn between the dogma of her Catholic faith and a realisation that gay people have as much worth as heterosexuals — than a doctrinaire fanatic of the Pell or Nile variety.

It might be better for Lee Rhiannon to be premier. But she’s not and, as a Greens MP, she can promise gays the world.

The reality is the ALP led by Keneally is in power in NSW. So Keneally’s party and the Coalition need to be convinced same-sex parents deserve respect and legal rights.

— David


This legislation creates a bit of a dilemma for gay people, don’t you think?

I am 72 and I suspect I will never see gay marriage in this country in my lifetime. (What about those Icelanders with their unanimous parliament vote for gay marriage. Wow, how civilised!)

However, this legislation reminds me a bit like throwing crumbs to dogs and watching as they eagerly sniff out each small morsel and I would not register.

I opted out of federal and state politics some years ago as a protest to politicians who refuse to ‘normalise’ me. These days I front up on polling days, have my name ticked off, and then inscribe on the ballot papers ‘No gay rights — no vote — that simple’.

You may think this is defeatist but let me tell you I feel great every time I do it. Imagine what a stir it would cause at the next federal election if all gay Aussies did the same thing.

— Peter


The problem with all of these relationship registries is that the legislation disallows registration if a person is married.

My husband and I were married in South Africa. Our marriage is not recognised here, however, the fact that we are legally married means we are not allowed to register our relationship  without denying that we are married, something we will not do.

We need another law that specifically recognises overseas marriages as a relationship in Australia — once again ‘separate but equal’ proves to be unequal.

The only real solution is full recognition of same-sex marriage. Anything else is a way of saying that gays are second-class citizens.

— Sean

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