Liberals get first gay senator

Liberals get first gay senator

Western Australia’s state Parliament has endorsed the federal Liberal Party’s first openly gay parliamentarian to fill a Senate vacancy.

Dean Smith, 42, will fill the Senate spot left vacant after Senator Judith Adams died of breast cancer in March.

Smith has publicly described himself as a conservative “constitutional revolutionary” who believes state parliaments should have a stronger say in federal constitutional matters and the selection of High Court judges, and is opposed to Australia becoming a republic.

Despite being openly gay, Smith also opposes same-sex marriage.

Smith was previously Bronwyn Bishop’s chief of staff and was a senior advisor to then Liberal leader John Howard during the 1998 federal election.

Until recently, Smith had worked as a lobbyist through his firm Smith & Duda Consulting.

Smith has already established an electorate office at 48 Ventnor Ave, West Perth, and will sit in the Senate until the next federal election in 2013.

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4 responses to “Liberals get first gay senator”

  1. That’s just what we need here in the Australian Senate – another hyprocrite!

    Gee, I really do miss Greens Leader Bob Brown – at least as a leader he stood for something, unlike others who are puppet masters of the Australian Christian Lobby and Hillsong!

  2. The Liberal / National Parties have never supported LGBT Law Reform.

    Just because this man is Homosexual, does not mean he supports LGBT Law Reform

    Think Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom, a Feminist she certainly wasn’t.

    I mean, a former staffer to the Conservative Beehive…not the best CV

  3. Is he one of these self loathing gays that thinks that if we do as the conservatives dictate they will accept us? Wrong!

  4. How can you handle your moral within a parliament when you go against your nature??
    This is just not believable. Fake ideology read and learned from a very old book