Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy

DJ Mark Murphy is the man behind Strudel, the electro underground dance party celebrating its second birthday at Club 77 on 6 August. Mark has also played at Mardi Gras, Sleaze and Inquisition. He gives us his top five dance tracks at the moment.

Alter Ego

This is big, bold, brassy electro and filthy enough to make any garbage man blush. It’s huge in Europe and is an anthem at the Strudel parties I put on. The duo behind Alter Ego, Roman Fl? and J?Elling Wuttke, have been around for a while now and their new LP is a killer. Sell your grandmother for this one.

SHAKE YER DIX (Tiga Remix)

Classy remix of this classic Peaches track. Tiga is going through an acid makeover and has kept this track dark and sexy. I had the honour of supporting Peaches at the Big Day Out this year and she was every bit as wild as her press kit says. Bitchin’!

AERODYNAMIK (Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy Remix)

This one has been around for a little while but it still manages to creep onto the turntables at peak-time. Alex Gopher and Etienne De Crecy take this track to another planet with their huge acid remix assault. And Kraftwerk -¦ well, nothing really needs to be said about these guys as they started it all. Amen.


Takes the classic Soft Cell track Tainted Love and mixes it with Thomas Schumacher’s gem Schall. It works well and creates a brooding monster that builds and builds and builds. This mash-up is one of the best I’ve heard -¦ and boy, have I heard some of late.

Ascii Disko

I’ve been playing this for a while. It’s off the band’s self-titled LP which a friend brought back from Amsterdam and has never left my side. It’s one of those rare LPs where every track is a stand-out. Pure rockin’ German electro at its very best. I will go as far as to say that I will buy anything these guys do -“ no, really!

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  1. A group of friends are looking for a person who was named Mark Murphy when we knew (and loved!) him at Wawina High School in Sydney. Any help you can give us in finding him would be greatly celebrated by a good crowd. Thanks. Laurie Fisher