Marriage equality ‘a winnable issue’

Marriage equality ‘a winnable issue’

More than 2000 people turned out to hear speakers including Labor Senator Doug Cameron and Greens Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon at the Sydney marriage equality rally on Saturday.

Senator Cameron promised a strong push for a change in policy at the ALP’s next national Conference in December 2011 and told the crowd that commitment ceremonies and relationship registries were not alternatives to giving GLBTI Australians full equality.

“If two human beings love each other they should have the right to marry,” Cameron told the crowd.

“Love and commitment should be the test, not outdated and discriminatory Acts of Parliament.

“We’re entering a period where, if the campaign for marriage equality is handled strategically and sensibly, the growing political and community support for marriage equality will result in a historic change to the Marriage Act.”

Cameron named Anthony Albanese, Tanya Plibersek and Penny Sharpe as politicians from NSW who were pushing for full equality within the party, and encouraged audience members to write to politicians to “canvas the issue of equal rights for all Australians”.

Senator-elect Rhiannon told the crowd the Greens marriage equality campaign had seen a recent success in Adam Bandt’s motion calling on MPs to seek their constituents views on the issue, but it was ordinary people showing their concern through events like the rally that would give parliamentarians the courage to do the right thing.

Rhiannon said a human right denied was a wrong for all Australians and that Cameron’s support was important as marriage equality needed Parliamentary support beyond the Greens.

But, she said, Prime Minister Julia Gillard remained a stumbling block.

“You wouldn’t expect anything else from Tony Abbott, but Julia Gillard is a big disappointment on this issue,” Rhiannon said.

“This was an issue where we needed some leadership and she’s failed.”

Rhiannon said that with the support of the Greens and MPs from other parties, marriage equality was now a winnable issue in Australia.

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One response to “Marriage equality ‘a winnable issue’”

  1. “Tanya Plibersek..(one of the) politicians from NSW who were pushing for full equality”.
    Mmmm- not according to her own website/electorate survey- she’s now pushing aparteid civil unions, and also pushing “equal” but separate civil unions. With one option for civil marriage, amoungst the other two civil union options- What the???? She’s totaly warped the Greens Bill which was for marriage equality, & turned it into an excuse to push her apparent personal preference for 2nd rate outdated civil unions.
    How does she listen to the Greens talk about a bill to consult your electorate about equality, then turn a blind eye and consult them on civil unions???!!!! Is she deaf? She really cannot be trusted on this issue, stuffing up left right & centre (deliberately or otherwise).
    Civil unions are an old outdated experiment from years past, which are now being thrown out & converted into full equal civil marriage… or about to be (ie the current court challenges in the UK to covert thier outdated civil unions into civil marriage).