Masquerade is on

Masquerade is on

Don’t forget the Asian Marching Boys will return to the Midnight Shift this Friday with their latest production.

Group spokesman Wayne Daly said the Faces of Asia Masquerade theme was chosen for a reason.

“The theme represents the fact that a lot of Asian gay men in their own country are discriminated against and when they do parade their sexuality they have to be discreet and wear masks,” he said.

When it was first formed in 1999 the Asian Marching Boys was designed to give Asian men a voice in the community and stem the growing tide of xenophobia.

“It’s important for the Asian community to be present. Being present helps them feel accepted and reduces some of the cultural barriers,”  he said.

“Continuing the work is important. We run may social and community activities. Our shows, Mardi Gras float and various dinners all help.”

Although the group is still predominantly Asian, the demographic has diversified both in terms of race and age range.

Daly said people need to realise that Asian men are as diverse as any other culture and have been unfairly stereotyped as a group of young men who went in search of older father figures.

“There’s a stigma, but it’s not true,” he said.

“The funny thing is that the misconception can arise because Asian guys tend to appear a lot younger compared to Australian guys.”

Faces of Asia is at the Midnight Shift Club on 27 July from 9pm. Tickets will be available at the door. Details:

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