Mercury is featuring heavily over the next few weeks. With the sun, Mercury retrograding and Venus all in Gemini, there will be a sense of urgency to complete, finalise and communicate projects and plans.

Have you been feeling like the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland (I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date)? That will be Mercury hurrying us up. Time feels like it is speeding up, which is actually an illusion. It’s more like we have to cram more into the same amount of time.

However, because Mercury is retrograding, things may not go as smoothly as we like. Forewarned is forearmed so be one step ahead, check information, times, schedules and then double-check. Arrive early, with time to spare just in case some unforeseen circumstance should cross your path.

It is a fabulous time to go back and finish a project you’ve had simmering on the back burner for a while, write letters that you’ve been putting off, clean up your computer, emails, get things fixed and tell someone you love them. Just do it!


If you’ve been putting in long hours, then fun and play will be on your mind. There is an emphasis on what you truly value and believe in. Making money is good, climbing to the top of the ladder may be your goal, but what really matters in the end? If you’ve had a creative project in mind, continue to think it through.


This week will get you closer to your resolution than you think. There’s a change on the domestic scene and you are re-examining all things related to worth. Your cash, your skills and talents, and you yourself can all change provided you face the past. Be determined to succeed if you want it badly enough.


The conjunction between Venus, Mercury retrograde and the sun in your sign urges you to rethink who you want to be. There is a link to the past and your mother/family. You are helped by Mars in your communication zone, so this will add drive to resolve. Continue working it through until 20 June.


Start looking at those dark secrets hidden in the depths. Think about taking your rightful place in your world and don’t be afraid to exercise your talents. Some of your hunches are correct but you still doubt yourself. That’s fine as there will be more examples to show you how accurate you can be.


If you have acted on past forecasts, then things should be looking brighter and getting easier. Make some clear determined choices and take comfort in your direction. Really focus on your hopes and wishes as this will lead you down a process of elimination to get you in a good position for 20 June.


Are you still stuck on a notion? Is your transition proving difficult? Good. This will bring out the direction you need and force you to consider the alternative, which really isn’t so bad. Just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong -” it just makes it unfamiliar. Try stepping out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone.


You’re still on a quest of self-discovery, teaching and being taught. There is much to learn and observe about your groups and networks. You could be witnessing similar traits in others and seeing where you can improve yourself. It’s a two way street so offer some of your education back to them.


You are the sign of transformation so this should come easy to you right? Not necessarily. You are also a fixed, stubborn sign. Regardless, this week’s planetary action is giving you the opportunity to make it easier for yourself. Fear is the only thing holding you back so get to core of it and release it.


Dealing with love and relationship-based issues is never easy because your heart is involved. If you self-sabotage as a result, then is it really worth it? June is going to be one of those months where you will really have to bring the focus back to yourself. Look for the inspiration and tackle the fears.


There’s a balancing act going on between taking care of your needs and the needs of another. A big part of personal development includes being true to yourself and sometimes that can upset others. If there is no real harm, e.g. death and destruction, then it must be a worthy cause. This is what you need to weigh up.


There is great focus on partnerships and relationships. These areas will have been in the limelight. There seems to be a lot of attention given to the responsibility of the partnership. So this brings us back to last week when we discussed more fun and romance -” how’s that going?


Single Pisceans will be questioning why they are single. Those of you in a couple may be seeing areas of improvement. All in all it comes down to you, your past, your needs and your health. It’s all linked really so look for the bridge that closes the gap. It will take a little more patience and fresh perspective.

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