Mercury is the planet of thought, commerce, powers of logic, siblings, short journeys and all forms of communication including TV and radio.
When a planet retrogrades, it is said to go backwards, but planets don’t actually go backwards. It can be likened to when you are on a train and the train next to you is moving forward but, because your train is going faster, it appears that the other train is going backwards. So too, when the Earth moves past Mercury.
When this planet is in retrograde, the above-mentioned representations take a back seat. You will find communication difficult, travel plans delayed, difficulties with technology, problems with contracts … you get the picture.
It’s a time for reflection rather than action. This period occurs every three months, so we are able to take time to look back and reassess the last three months before moving forward.
Changing your thought patterns and learning from the past will help us to develop and grow so we can move forward with new knowledge and wisdom. This retrograde period will end on 3 November 2007.
You are being urged to think about your private life and your financial affairs. Discover new things about your partner and revisit the budget. If you’re single an old lover could be on your mind … is it wise to go back there? Discard anything that doesn’t work for you.
This period is about reaching closure or resolving issues with your intimate and one-on-one relationships. Use this time to decide who is holding you back and what needs to be released. It will help you to redefine your values and beliefs.
Daily routines have proved more trouble than they are worth. Try not to lose your temper and don’t take anything for granted. These things are being presented so you can change them for the better and the cosmos supports you.
Got some creative projects in mind? Having trouble expressing yourself? Rest assured it will be full steam ahead this week. Use this period to gather all your information and then take action. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place once the Mercury retrograde is over.
Domesticity and security have been up for reflection – the themes of feeling safe, secure and supported have been drawing your attention. Use this time wisely and take comfort in the fact the sky won’t throw you anything you can’t handle.
Mercury is your ruler so this period may have affected you greatly. Being a perfectionist, the effects would have really frustrated you. Be gentle with yourself as it’s all about growth. Hang in there, it’s almost over.
Revision of assets, self-esteem, property, cash, beliefs and values – there have been some setbacks, but it’s not the end of the world, it’s actually the beginning. Focus on the knowledge you’ve gained and move forward, better equipped to make firm decisions.
This period is urging your whole life to transform. If something’s not working, get rid of it. You are the sign of transformation and renewal, so do what you do best and change your situation for the better. Rise from the ashes.
Mercury is in your house of the subconscious, spirituality and dreams. You may be pondering your relationship with the spiritual side of your life. Do you believe you have a spiritual side? Sags can be sceptical, but you’re reading this forecast aren’t you?
Friends come and go and you are looking at who is worth keeping and who needs to be evicted. Your networks are also in question. It’s all about improvement and progression, so give some careful consideration to those who help you grow.
You are re-evaluating your career path and what satisfies you. This could mean change or progression up the ladder. You’re a smart cookie and quite business savvy, so the sky is the limit. Make sure you incorporate wisdom into your decision making.
Philosophies and new insights are coming to you. Use these to help deal with the other parts of your life. You may find a different perspective to your relationship with your higher being. Travelling to the place of your desire may be playing heavily on your mind too.

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