Mogenic Calls for Help

Mogenic Calls for Help

The brains behind gay and lesbian youth website, Angel (who now goes by the user name Sebastian), has put out a call for financial support after the site’s internet host provider upped its fees.

Sebastian said that because of the volume of traffic on the site (it reaches over 500,000 viewers every month), the internet host provider had increased its hosting fees to almost $US1,000 per month.

We need financial support to keep the site up and running, and we need to develop and grow so we can respond to the overwhelming demand for increased services, Sebastian said.

At present, the only funding receives is through the AIDS Trust of Australia. was the recipient of a $20,000 grant from the AIDS Trust of Australia’s annual disbursements fund last year, but that money was specifically set aside for site security and monitoring, rather than monthly maintenance.

The executive officer of gay and lesbian youth support service Twenty 10, Sally Abrahams, told the Star that Twenty 10 would be supportive of any moves to keep up and running.

The site is invaluable, she said. It’s given many young people a reason to keep living.

Anybody who would like more information, or anybody who is in a position to help the site, should email Sebastian on [email protected].

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