Poly conflict resolved

Poly conflict resolved

Sydney’s polyamorous community claims it has resolved a conflict with organisers of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras over its Parade entry.

Polyamory Australia allege Mardi Gras organisers were initially resistant to allowing them to march in the parade as a ‘queer’ group, instead relegating them to a ‘supporter’ entry.

The group said as a result Mardi Gras put restrictions on the type of slogans they could display at the event.

“For many polyamorists, it was particularly offensive because the parade’s slogan is ‘infinite love for all’, and the logo is a pair of hearts arranged to form an infinity symbol,” Polyamory Australia said in a statement.

“Polyamorous groups worldwide have used similar symbology for decades.”

The issue became hotly debated on social media sites after initial conversations between Mardi Gras and Sydney’s polyamory group were disclosed on Facebook.

“Although the Sydney poly community is divided about whether polyamory is queer per se, most of last year’s poly float participants identify as LGBTIQ. Even poly heterosexuals believe they have issues in common with LGBTIQ people,” Polyamory Australia said.

Polyamory Australia representatives Nina Melksham and Mik Scheper met with three Mardi Gras officials on Saturday.

“Both parties felt it would be beneficial for the poly community and greater LGBTIQ community to engage in more dialogue, and become more aware of each other.”

The Star Observer has sought comment from Mardi Gras.

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5 responses to “Poly conflict resolved”

  1. Davo: I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when sheep and kiwis learn how to write float applications.

  2. Hi there,
    Poly, Bi, Queer, 78er here.
    Very glad to hear that, in this instance, Mardi Gras were open to engagement on such an important issue. Marginalization and a divide front, especially in this year of same-sex marriage awareness, is something which our movement can ill afford. Persons like myself marched in the first march, and continue to do so because we strongly believe in the trailblazing ideals which founded SGLMG.
    Congratulations to Mik and Nina who attended the meeting and played the majority role in bringing this issue to a workable conclusion for all parties concerned.

  3. but what are they gonna do when the kiwis want to march with their favorite sheep? inquiring minds want to know these things.

  4. Hi,
    I’m poly and queer and bisexual and got arrested with all the mob in the first Mardi Gras.
    I am marching and proud.
    To all you sex police who want us to be like you, stuff you.
    Spread the love all around.
    Poly is queer is good.