Pregnancy workshop to aid lesbians

Pregnancy workshop to aid lesbians

The Leichhardt Women’s Centre is holding a Lesbian Pre-Conception workshop for mums in the making who are looking for support and practical advice on everything surrounding a lesbian pregnancy.

The half-day workshop, to be held on 6 September, will provide couples with all the legal and logistical information they could need to become a mother.

Workshop organiser Chris Wilkinson said the regularly held events are always popular, with women flocking to the unique, lesbian-only service.

It’s a half-day workshop that covers everything les-bian couples might need to know about, Wilkinson said.

We talk about self-insemination, known donor and non-known donor insemination, as well as general health issues for women who want to get pregnant. We will also have a lawyer present on the day to talk about legal issues.

We also bring in couples who have been through the process to speak to the women and provide answers to their questions. That always proves to be incredibly popular -“ I think the women who come along are always so happy to find an environment that addresses the birth process in a way which is specific to their needs.

For Simone Curry, now eight and a half months pregnant, and her partner Laurie Leigh, the Leichhardt Women’s Centre has offered a sense of security in a time of heightened hormones.

It was amazing to be in an inclusive environment, where everyone understood and it was all focused on lesbians, Curry said.

We’d been trying to find a service like this in Sydney for a while because while a lot of the information around for hetero couples is still applicable, it can be really hard for your partner who can feel excluded.

I mean it really can be heartbreaking for them to be completely discounted in that process.

The Leichhardt Women’s Centre is one of the few spaces left that is run on feminist principles so it has a great atmosphere to begin with. Even when we moved out of the inner west we decided to keep going there just because it felt so welcoming. It makes a huge difference when you’re pregnant to just do whatever you can to feel comfortable.

The Lesbian Pre-Conception workshop will be held on 6 September at the Leichhardt Women’s Centre, 55 Thornley St, Leichhardt. Bookings are essential and can be made through [email protected] or by calling 9560 3011.

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6 responses to “Pregnancy workshop to aid lesbians”

  1. Lesbian Couple in inner sydney looking for gay sperm donor or gay donor /father. level of Involvement negotiable. PLease advise me where to post this info or where to look for sydney gay sperm donors? Rainbow parenting and were dead ends.
    [email protected]

  2. I am sick and tired of governments not recognising lesbain mothers. Lesbians deserve the same equal IVF rights as heterosexual women!!!!

  3. And speaking of Leichhardt, a few of us are getting together to try to make our suburb more reflective of the extensive lesbian community that lives here. Despite the best efforts of the Leichhardt Women’s Health Centre and the Feminist Bookshop (and Puppacino’s at the doggy park?), Leichhardt’s lesbians are barely visible. Imagine if Leichhardt Council hosted forums, put on events for Mardi Gras, and created exhibitions and special collections in the library. Imagine if we met with local schools, sports clubs and retirement homes to make sure they were lesbian friendly? What do we pay our rates for? Watch out for activities over the next few months.

  4. This is a necessary service as most prospective mum couples are “virgins” at conception and it is often up to donors to educate prospective mums about everything. Even then they can and will only do it from their own prospective.
    GO!! LWC