Right on, Rangers

Right on, Rangers

The Sydney Rangers continued their success with an obliterating defeat of their Burwood opponents over the weekend. Coming in with a final score of 8-1, the soccer team’s win marks their fourth consecutive victory as well as a personal best for the team as they achieved their highest number of goals for one match.

It was a quick start to the match with the Rangers going straight into attack mode, driving the ball ever closer towards the opposition’s goal mouth. Showing considerable skills as they passed the ball down the field, Randall Wakefield and Alan Bray demonstrated exactly why they have become known as one of the league’s most feared strike forces. At times it would seem the duo have an uncanny ability to read each other’s game.

The first goal of the afternoon came from Mark Eagleson, who made an heroic sprint up half the length of the field in order to drive it between the posts. This was followed by another stunning goal pushed in before the half-time buzzer. Sam Dellarte managed to slip the ball under the goalkeeper’s legs from six yards away in what was one of the great plays of the day.

The frustrated Burwood A team responded by upping their defence numbers in the midfield. Their efforts went rewarded with a penalty shot which came in just before half-time.

Coming back on to the field filled with confidence, the Rangers managed to smash another three goals early in the second half thanks to some fancy footwork from Adam Balsamo and some tough headers which drove the ball in past the goalie’s reach.

The final goal of the match was a 30-yard screamer, driven in by club captain Joseph Roppolo.

Roppolo said after the game, I’m really proud of the way the boys are playing at the moment. You can sense the growing spirit in the team. We’ll have sterner tests, I’m sure, but today we showed what our attacking capabilities are when we go forward as a team.

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