Rihanna drops by the Tool Shed

Rihanna drops by the Tool Shed

While most international visitors head straight for the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Rihanna spent yesterday afternoon rummaging around the Tool Shed on Oxford Street.

Business at the sex toy shop buzzing in the lead up to Mardi Gras, but management happily shut the doors to let Riri peruse the goodies in privacy.

Unsurprisingly, the diva’s sexy shopping spree sparked major interest from the local paparrazi and one of our readers happened to be walking down Riley Street at the time.

“There were loads of paparazzi outside,” they wrote. “I stopped to check it out but I didn’t know what was happening, I tried to get my iPhone out of my bag to get a picture and suddenly Rhianna walked out about two metres in front of me and jumped into blacked out Range Rover.”

It is unclear what she actually bought but her assistant was spotted leaving the store with two full shopping bags, so it would appear the superstar gave her credit card a workout.

Perhaps she was putting the finishing touches to her Mardi Gras outfit for tomorrow night?

There’s still no word if the Bajan beauty will join Alexis Jordan and Wynter Gordon as a party performer, but she is hitting the stage at Acer Arena on Saturday night and it’s only a short chopper ride from Homebush to Moore Park – it would be kind of rude not to drop by!

And her latest hit, the appropriately titled S&M and sitting at number one on the ARIA singles chart, would go down a treat at the RHI.

Give it a listen below.

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