Running for charity

Running for charity

As a runner who is yet to step off the treadmill and onto the streets, Joshua Crouthamel admits there is only one thing that really concerns him about taking part in this year’s City2Surf.

“That damned hill,” Joshua, 27, says, referring to Rose Bay’s notorious 3km Heartbreak Hill. “I am worried it might just crush me!”

Joshua is taking part in this year’s City2Surf on Sunday 12 August as part of Team Acon, a group of individual runners raising money for the GLBT health organisation.

Having settled in Sydney only a year ago, New Yorker Joshua said he decided to take part in the road race because he wanted to raise money for Acon.

“Since moving to Sydney, I found Acon is extremely present and proactive in the community, and I thought it was time to give back to that supportive voice,” he said.

“I signed onto the City2Surf website and I could choose a favourite charity, so Acon was my choice.”

Joshua has already surpassed his initial target of raising $200, so has set the bar higher at $500.

His training regime includes three 10km sessions on the treadmill every week. In the weeks before the 14km race he plans to step outside the air-conditioned comfort of his gym to experience the reality of street running.

“I think I will be ready for it by then,’ he said. “I just want to do this race to be a part of the community and city. This is such a fabulous Sydney thing to do, and I want to get as involved in this community as I can be.”

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