Saturn brings life’s lessons

Saturn brings life’s lessons

Since 21 December 2007 Saturn has been in retrograde and on 3 May Saturn goes direct again. This period would have affected those between 27 and 30 years of age -“ who are having their first Saturn return -“ and those aged between 54 and 60 who are experiencing their second Saturn return.

The Saturn return occurs when Saturn returns to its position at the time of your birth. During the Saturn return the aforementioned age groups go through a huge transformation. Some women come out at this age or get married. Men, on the other hand, often leave home and/or start a serious relationship.

Whatever the circumstances, change is paramount. With Saturn also retrograding at the same time it will feel like your emotions, physical being and mental stability are being slapped around in a washing machine a bit more than usual. However, if you have been taking responsibility for what life has been teaching you, this period will help you tie up any loose ends and will bring gifts in the form of success. You reap what you sow is what this period in your life is teaching you.


Look to make steady progress, as opposed to instant gains. You still need to figure out what, how, when and why but you’re getting closer. It is absolutely possible to get what you ask for; you just need to make sure it’s the right thing. Don’t lead yourself down the wrong path without all the information.


For most of this month Venus, your ruler, will be in your sign. It is linked to Saturn and Pluto in the areas that involve self-expression, romance, education and the bigger picture. This alignment will help you achieve balance in these areas if you choose to think differently about what they represent to you.


Respect and recognition will come but something else must take place first and that’s personal satisfaction. You need to be happy with your efforts and carry out your purpose for no one else but yourself; the rest will follow. Ask yourself on a regular basis, Am I happy with this? and make changes accordingly.


Recent developments will have you questioning where you fit in with groups, relationships and yourself. These questions are better answered when your mind is free of judgment. Thoughts can be limiting if you allow them to dictate every move, especially when you don’t have all pieces of information yet.


You stand to improve your future by rethinking yesterday. Realise that when you experience the first signs of something you’ve already been through, you can stop it at that moment so it doesn’t send you in a loop again. You are recognising this and will make it a part of your normal function.


You are conscious of a problem, but don’t quite know how to solve it. Soon you will have new answers to apply to the issue. There is a balancing act between what you used to value and what you value now. We will never be problem-free but how we choose to deal is what makes the difference.


Your position has changed or will change among the people in your life. Something else is starting to develop and, though it may be scary, you have a lot to gain. The importance of team work, the domestic scene and comfort in your new skin are the key issues. See your obstacles as an adventure.


There is a link between what you value in people and how you can be of help to them. You are about to discover the beauty of relationships that will guide you in a different direction. Mutual, beneficial exchanges are healthy and they build solid foundations for successful results.


You still need clarification and perspective. It’s not time to make any decisions yet because you don’t have all the information. There are other circumstances that need to be weighed up before you take any concrete action. If you are determined to achieve, realise that it may take time.


Break out of the confines of your mind. Creativity is well aspected and it could be just the thing you need to determine what really matters to you. It’s not an easy question to address, but it’s a good one. So what does really matter to you? Once you have an answer, then you’ll know what to stand for.


Whatever you do, do it from the heart. Life is an empty existence and has no meaning if we ignore our heart’s voice. There is a question of security which is probably stemming from logic and reason and it is good to pay attention to that, but don’t let it have the last say.


Some of the mystery about your position in life is about to be lifted. Grounded, balanced thinking will take over and you will discover exactly where you stand. Revel in your new discovery because your learning process of who you are has just reached an important point. Keep going.

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