Since 20 February the sun has been sitting on the opposite side of the earth to Saturn.

This creates a strange dynamic. The sun is overt, vibrant, and intense whereas Saturn is introverted, structured and responsible.

How could these energies possibly mix in a harmonious vibration? You may feel one side of you wants to party and be a social butterfly and the other side wants to take it easy and put things in order and take control.

It’s all about balance. Be responsible, take care of business, and then go out and party.

With the sun in Pisces, whose ruler is Neptune or, in goddess culture, Tiamat, there will be a lure towards the illusionary world of drugs and alcohol. As long as you know that this is just for fun and you’re not using them to avoid yourself, then the drugs will serve to enhance this experience.

But if you are using drugs to avoid yourself then Saturn may give you a slap back to reality. It’s all about synergy, darlings. You can have your cake and eat it too this Mardi Gras.


The balancing act continues between your subconscious and how you function in your daily life. Your health needs taking care of and, if you are already onto it, don’t overdo it. You need to listen to your voice of reason, especially at this time of year. You can still achieve fun, whilst exercising moderation.


You can use this opposition between Saturn and the sun to your benefit, by working towards your goals whilst maintaining hope. You’ll find past connections can help you and making new ones will too. The planet of creativity opposes your zone of creativity. For a little while it will be work versus play.


You have a responsibility to your home life and you are trying to balance that with career. Prioritising what is important is a good place to start. Some Geminis may choose career over home. If you do, make sure you have assessed the consequences as home is where the heart is and career equals material gains.


Life experience counts for a lot in our development. Sometimes it can condition us to think that we know it all. If we can stand back and look at something objectively we find that the process of dealing with a situation gets easier. Certainly consider what your life has taught you so far, but don’t let it have the last say.


Stepping out of your comfort zone lately has shown you a few surprising capabilities. Saturn is helping you reshape your worth as you are discovering aspects of yourself that have lain dormant. The more you allow yourself to discover, the more you stand to gain. Keep pushing yourself.


Discovering your true individuality is a big responsibility. Other people are a mirror for us and if you don’t like something about someone, chances are that you have that particular trait. It is a strange concept, but true. Use your relationships as a means to discover who you are.


Being overly concerned with material matters and not spending enough time on your spiritual needs can lead to all sorts of issues. You are the sign of balance, this being your lifelong lesson. The current astrological placement is setting the task of balancing the above-mentioned circumstances.


How does your creative side impact on the groups you are associated with? There is something you have to offer that will benefit your networks and there is a responsibility to fulfil this. You have more influence than you give yourself credit for, so exercise your strengths and work for the good of all.


Your sense of security may feel threatened when it comes to your career or social position. There is a great deal of responsibility or obligation and you need to work hard and implement structure to succeed. Saturn is the task master, but you will be rewarded for your hard work.


A few key words to help you understand what is going on: selfless not selfish, expansion not retraction, change not stagnation. This is a big time for you, Capricorn, and your future depends on it. You may feel like throwing caution to the wind, but you are advised against it. You alone are responsible for your development.


Of all the signs, you have the most going on. If ever there was a time to make a difference, make changes and develop new dimensions to your character, this is it. Creativity, talents, business opportunities and a wealth of inspiration from your subconscious are on offer. Seize the day.


Retracing your steps over your one-on-one relationships can sometimes be painful and at other times inspirational. They can also teach you about yourself. This current placement suggests you need to get in touch with yourself in order to have successful relationships with others.

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