When friendship turns into desire

When friendship turns into desire

The award-winning play about a man’s struggle with his identity and place in the world, Half A Person: My Life As Told By The Smiths, is coming to Sydney next month.

The production, being presented in a double bill with Love & War, will be staged at the Newtown Theatre.

Half A Person tells the story of William (David Foster) through the music of The Smiths, exploring his struggle with companionship, sexuality, friendship and expectation.

William only exists to stumble from café to cemetery in a desperate search for a companion or confidant.

Along the way he discovers his best friend, Rick, is struggling with his growing desire for William. The situation is further complicated by the temptress Salome, who seduces and slithers her way into William’s life, and by the news The Smiths have broken up.

Love & War (7pm) and Half A Person (9pm) will open at the Newtown Theatre on 19 September for a limited season. Tickets start at $18. Bookings: www.mca-tix.com or 1300 306 776.

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