NSW Police Arrest Three Neo-Nazis, One Hated LGBT Community

NSW Police Arrest Three Neo-Nazis, One Hated LGBT Community
Image: Darren Boyce (left), Adrian Carr (middle) and Matt Gibbs (right). Images: Facebook and supplied.

Three men have been arrested and charged with firearm offences connected with neo-Nazi ideologies. One  of the men  was accused in court of having a “hatred for the LGBT community.”

Police raids earlier this month in an Illawarra home and industrial estate in Gwynneville and Fairy Meadow, uncovered several unauthorised firearms and ammunition belonging to 36-year-old Adrian John Carr, 35-year-old Darren Boyce, and 33-year-old Matt Gibbs.

The three men appeared in Wollongong local court last week where police tendered evidence that merchandise emblazoned with white-supremacist and extremist right-wing slogans linked to neo-Nazi groups had also been found.

On Friday, April 14, Gibbs made his first appearance in Wollongong Local Court and pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing an unauthorised firearm.

Officers had discovered around 10,000 rounds of air rifle/ gel blaster ammunition, two gel pistols, and an AR15-style gel blaster, as reported by the ABC.

Police also allegedly discovered boxes of stickers with white supremacy, anti-Antifa slogans printed, and extreme right-wing slogans that have been linked to a neo-Nazi group called Activ88.

“Hatred For The LGBTQI Community.”

Whilst Gibb’s lawyer stated in court that Gibb himself “has no political views” and feels “silly and stupid for participating in this,” one of his co-accused had a different stance.

Police said Carr had a “strong sense of anti-Semitism and hatred for the LGBTQI community,” as reported by ABC.

Carr already has a criminal record that was “48 pages long” but argued in court that he had not done anything wrong in this instance after denying representation by legal aid. He was released on conditional bail with weekly reports to the police prior to his next court appearance on May 9.




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