Rainbow families speak out against discrimination by government services

Rainbow families speak out against discrimination by government services
Image: Image: Ann-Marie Calilhanna.

A new survey released by Rainbow Families this week is allowing LGBTI parents and carers to have their say on discrimination they may have faced when accessing federal government services.

“We have seen some really important reforms for LGBTI people, but our children and families are still experiencing discrimination at alarming rates,” said Vanessa Gonzalez, co-chair of Rainbow Families.

“Rainbow Families will use the survey results to create a report outlining issues LGBTI parents encounter when interacting with federal government services.

“The report will be presented to ministers and shadow ministers whose portfolio has recommendations of ways to remove discrimination for LGBTI parents and their families. Rainbow Families will then use the report as a guide for our advocacy campaigns at a federal level.”

The survey is seeking information on personal experiences from LGBTI parents and carers on issues that could include legal parentage and family law, passport applications, Centrelink, dad and partner pay, and the census.

This survey is a follow-up to the Rainbow Families NSW consultation with the LGTBI community in that state about their experiences with state government services.

The NSW consultation led to the Love Makes A Family report launched last year, which has been a critical part of Rainbow Families’ advocacy.

Rainbow Families has had a positive response to the report, and are in conversation with NSW government ministers and departments about many of the recommendations.

The new survey is available now for people anywhere in Australia to complete.

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