Daniel Andrews announces Victorian ban on LGBTI conversion therapy

Daniel Andrews announces Victorian ban on LGBTI conversion therapy
Image: Daniel Andrews. Image: Daniel Bone.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews attended Melbourne’s Pride March over the weekend, where he announced the state government would criminalise LGBTI conversion practices.

The Australian-first ban follows an investigation into conversion practices by the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC), which found that those subjected to it experienced long-term psychological harm and distress.

The HCC recommended that legislation be introduced to prohibit conversion practices in law, a recommendation taken on board by the state government.

“So called ‘conversion therapy’ is not therapy at all,” Andrews said at the march.

“It is harmful, prejudiced, and discredited practice – and soon it will be against the law.”

The state government also announced it would work on developing a comprehensive and tailored package of support for survivors.

Minister for Equality, Martin Foley, cited the harm caused to survivors of conversion practices as the primary reason behind the ban.

“Conversion practices have caused untold trauma to too many Victorians, who were made to feel ashamed for who they were and who they loved” he said.

“We’re banning these practices forever and for good.”

Co-leader of the Brave Network, Nathan Despott, welcomed the announcement and delivery of the HCC report.

“We are so pleased that the Victorian Government has chosen to adopt a broad response to this insidious movement that has operated undercover in Victoria’s religious communities for decades,” he said.

“The Victorian Government and Health Complaints Commissioner have listened to survivors and taken time to learn about the complexity involved with the ideology and operations of this harmful movement.”

Chief Executive of Equality Australia, Anna Brown, said the conversion movement’s activities have proven to be ineffective and harmful.

“Telling someone they are broken or sick because of who they are is profoundly psychologically damaging,” she said.

“Once again the [state] government is leading the nation in advancing LGBTI equality, and keeping our communities safe.

“On days like today it’s wonderful to know we live in a state where our Premier has our back, and we are celebrated for who we are.”

A survey of LGBTI Australians conducted late last year found that banning conversion therapy was a top political priority for members of the community.

A landmark report released in October detailing the extent of conversion therapy practices in Australia found that up to ten per cent of Australian LGBT people remained vulnerable to sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE).

Federally, a motion put forward by Greens Senator Janet Rice urging the government to advocate to states on banning conversion therapy practices in Australia passed the Senate in September.

The development of legislation to prohibit conversion practices will begin in Victoria immediately, and will reportedly include consultation with survivors, the state government’s LGBTI task force, and community organisations.

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4 responses to “Daniel Andrews announces Victorian ban on LGBTI conversion therapy”

  1. Let us be quite clear: conversion therapy is an evil practice, driven by prejudice, not fact or science. Those who are undergo it are always damaged, sometimes fatally. Depression, self-harm, and ultimately, suicide, are common outcomes. This is especially so when the participants “willingly” subject themselves to this fraudulent ‘treatment’.

    This is not free and willing participation. This is not “religious freedom”. Victims are driven by religious guilt, induced and stoked by the religious communities who promote, support and practice it.

    No doubt many committed Chinese communists went to re-education camps to learn how to correct their errors of Mao Ze Dong Thought “willingly”, desperate to regain the approval of their comrades and political masters, in exactly the same fashion.


  2. Where’s the I ????

    “Not unlike the victims of LGBT conversion therapy, intersex individuals living with the results of nonconsensual genital interventions often deal with the harmful emotional and physical consequences of medically unnecessary attempts at ‘treatment’ for the rest of their lives.” – https://www.ebar.com/news/news//271738

  3. Victoria really is the Progressive State isn’t it.
    Like’em or loathe’em the ALP really does, on Social Issues, work for the benefit of the People.
    Once upon a time South Australia was at the forefront of Social Reform but today is at the far right back of the pack. The Liberal Govt there will do nothing.
    Strangely, but thoroughly understandably, the ALP government of Queensland also does nothing because they are too scared of the majority Ultra-right leanings of so many in Qld – including those living in Qld’s Gay Mecca: Noosa.
    We can’t expect the Coalition Government in Canberra to make this Gay Conversion Therapy sadism a national Issue. The Morrison Government, aided and abetted by the ALP’s Bill Shorten, is under the control of the Churches and it is they who are practicing this sadistic quack treatment.