Victorian budget brings certainty for rapid HIV testing, LGBTI election commitments

Victorian budget brings certainty for rapid HIV testing, LGBTI election commitments

FUNDING certainty for HIV rapid testing in Victoria has come as part of a suite of LGBTI-related budget announcements made today by the Victorian Government.

The future of community-based rapid testing service PRONTO! has been up in the air until this budget announcement, which promises $2.24 million over four years to run the clinic based in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Funding for the extensive list of LGBTI-related election commitments made by Daniel Andrews’ Labor government was also announced, with Equality Minister Martin Foley also outlining a $10 million funding package for “equality initiatives”:

  • $3.2 million for the newly-created equality portfolio, which will sit within the Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • A new Gender and Sexuality Commissioner funded as part of the equality portfolio
  • An “LGBTI Taskforce” as part of the equality portfolio funding, with a Health and Human Services Working Group and a Justice Working Group, to serve as a whole-of-government community advisory group
  • $5.9 million for programs supporting LGBTI mental health and wellbeing
  • $1 million for the expansion of the Safe Schools Coalition to all public secondary schools in Victoria

“This isn’t just words and gestures, it’s action,” Foley said in a statement.

“The Andrews Labor Government is funding programs that will improve people’s lives and help them achieve the happiness and respect to which they’re entitled.”

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6 responses to “Victorian budget brings certainty for rapid HIV testing, LGBTI election commitments”

  1. Except zero funding for the Royal Childrens Hospital’s Gender Clinic. This clinic has gone from 0 referrals to a 14 month waiting list in less than 5 years with research showing that 30% of the trans kids on the list are currently self harming and/or expressing suicidal ideation. An unacceptable outcome for this budget despite the hand wringing.

  2. There has been no implementation of any LGBTI policies since Labor took office 8 months ago in Victoria on adoption equality, relationship recognition of interstate/overseas same-sex marriages and other same-sex unions and equal opportunity reforms! Also the HIV crime law (called section 19A) has still not been repealed yet!

    NONE REFORM WHAT SO EVER! So much for Labor Governments being LGBTI friendly!

    • The machinery of government takes time. Proper legislative change needs consultation, drafting and approval, otherwise it isn’t following proper process. And none of that could have commenced until after they won the election. It is unreasonable to expect all promises to be delivered in record time.

      • Excuses, excuses, excuses!

        This is why marriage equality never is going to happen in Australia until at least 2100 – because people say “it is not the right time”. Well I am sorry IT IS THE RIGHT FUCKING TIME! EVERY OTHER WESTERN NATION has marriage equality such as UK, NZ, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Sweden, Norway, US, etc. – why not us? What is our excuse!

        Australians love excuses that is for dam sure!