Transcend Is Creating A Dedicated Drop-In Centre To Support Trans Youth

Transcend Is Creating A Dedicated Drop-In Centre To Support Trans Youth
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A new grant has created the opportunity for transgender support organisation Transcend to establish a dedicated drop-in centre and peer support space at the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Gender Service in Victoria, and more.

Last month, the Victorian Government announced Transcend would receive a significant grant as part of Victoria’s new LGBTIQA+ Sector Strengthening (LSS) Program. Minister Harriet Shing announced the grant package during IDAHOBIT 2024 celebrations, sharing that $800,000 in total grant money was being delivered across 12 different LGBTQI+ community organisations. 

Transcend’s grant money is going towards an impressive new project called the Stronger Families for Healthier Trans Futures Project.

The wide-ranging intiative is designed to expand its services to help more young transgender people, as well as strengthen Transcend’s role as a peak advocacy organisation.

With the funding from the LSS, Transcend’s project has three parts:

A new Transcend drop-in centre to support trans youth

The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Gender Service offers specialised healthcare and psychological support to trans and gender diverse kids under the age of 16.

Transcend will establish a dedicated drop-in peer support space at the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Gender Service that will serve as a safe and welcoming environment for families and children to connect, share experiences, and access resources.

The aim of this space is to reduce isolation for families accessing the health service, and help to build a robust community network.

Translating its materials into languages other than English

Acknowledging that trans kids come from every community and culture, part of the LSS grant money will go towards Transcend translating all its resources into multiple languages.

This initiative ensures that families from diverse backgrounds will have access to the information and support they need in the languages they speak.

Developing training to educate on trans issues

To supercharge their advocacy work, Transcend will also develop comprehensive training modules for the business side of their organisation.

The Victorian Government grant will allow Transcend to hire a consultant to craft these modules, which will be used to educate professionals and organisations about transgender issues.

The history and future of Transcend Victoria

Transcend was founded in 2012 by Rebekah Robertson OAM, the mother of actress and trans advocate Georgie Stone.

Set up to support trans youth and their families, Transcend has since become one of Australia’s largest organisations advocating for trans, gender diverse and non-binary kids.

The funding for Stronger Families for Healthier Trans Futures marks a significant milestone for Transcend. By having a dedicated space to help families and being able to offer more assistance to culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Transcend will have a greater role in supporting families as they face an increasingly hostile social landscape.

The peer support space in particular is expected to become a cornerstone of the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Gender Service, offering a vital lifeline for families navigating the legal, medical and psychosocial complexities of gender identity.

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