OUTinPerth launches crowdfunding campaign

OUTinPerth launches crowdfunding campaign

POPULAR LGBTIQ news outlet OUTinPerth has started a crowdfunding campaign to help it relaunch as an independent company..

After fourteen years of delivering the news to Western Australia’s queer community, OUTinPerth had to stop the presses when the company that owned it was shut down.

Graeme Watson, who has served as the publication’s editor for the past five years, said members of the community were reaching out and encouraging the team to launch a campaign within hours of the closure.

“Leigh Hill [co-editor] and I have spent many hours talking about how to create a 21st century media outlet,” he told the Star Observer.

“And now, with community support, we’re in a position to make it a reality.

“Community created media is a big part of our plans, we want to create a portal that allows many more LGBTIQ voices to be heard.”

Watson said it’s important to hold onto local queer-owned media with LGBTI-specific voices.

“Gay owned and operated media really does focus on the issues that are essentially important to an LGBTIQ audience, while mainstream media work to a different set of values and demands,” he said.

“LGBTIQ media can also have a big influence on mainstream media simply by being there to ask the right questions.

“A few months ago the team from OUTinPerth attended a media announcement from Labor leader Bill Shorten and asked him about his view on the Safe Schools Coalition.

“That night his answer was on the six o’ clock news, and it was covered by newspapers around the country – if we hadn’t been there, nobody would’ve asked the question.”

Watson’s co-editor Leigh Hill said if they relaunch they hope to collaborate with the community more heavily.

“We want to collaborate with local writers, photographers, artists, and advocates to share unique local LGBTIQ experiences and knowledge,” Hill said.

“We need your help to get back to work and continue to serve the local community.

“Our vision for OUTinPerth’s relaunch is a greater dedication to local stories, culture, and community groups.”

Click here to donate to OUTinPerth’s crowdfunding campaign.


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