New Hope For Unsolved Gay Hate Crime

New Hope For Unsolved Gay Hate Crime

Alan Rosendale is the survivor of a hate crime committed against him in 1989 on South Dowling Street, Surry Hills, NSW, near Moore Park. He was beaten by a group of what is thought to have been four to six men. Mr Rosendale stated that it felt like they were using “bits of wood” to attack him.

Nobody was ever charged for the attack against Alan Rosendale.

Paul Simes witnessed the attack and reported it to the police. In the report, Mr Simes included the number plate of the car used by the men who attacked Mr Rosendale, which he was subsequently informed belonged to an unmarked police car.

Now, over 30 years later, Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes have yet to receive any closure.

Gavin Vance is a volunteer Community Radio Presenter for a program called Queer For Your Ears. Mr Vance has been working in conjunction with Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes, as well as former police officer Duncan McNab to seek closure for all involved in this case.

Speaking with Star Observer, Mr Vance stated that Mr McNab had informed him that they must ask directly for the charge sheets, or charge books for the relevant area and all sign in/sign out records of police vehicles in the relevant area, all dated between May 1 and May 8 1989. According to Mr Vance, he, Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes have all submitted the correct documentation to acquire these documents but are frustrated at no action having been taken for three months now.

 On Thursday October 1, Mr Vance, Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes visited Surry Hills Police Station. In correspondence with Star Observer Mr Vance stated that he hoped seeing Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes in person would have some effect on the police. Mr Vance stated that upon visiting, police gave them an application form to fill out, and that they would require 20 more days to find these records.

Mr Vance informed Star Observer that Mr Rosendale, the victim of the attack, was feeling dejected prior to visiting the police station, but that it was “heartening” to hear him say he was pleasantly surprised to have been taken seriously by the police officers.

Mr Vance also interviewed both Mr Rosendale and Mr Simes in an episode of Queer For Your Ears after visiting the Surry Hills Police Station. In the interview Mr Rosendale speaks about why he has chosen to continue pursuing this so many years after the attack.

In the interview Mr Rosendale stated that, “I myself would like to know, which you could probably trace, who was driving an unmarked police car on the night of May 5, 1989, because they would have had to sign it out.” In a case that appears to be fraught with missing and contradictory information, Mr Rosendale is asking for answers.

Mr Vance has created a fundraising link to create a reward for anyone with information about the case to come forward.

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