Protestors And Police Clash At Anti-Trans Rally In Melbourne

Protestors And Police Clash At Anti-Trans Rally In Melbourne
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Protestors clashed on the streets outside of Victorian Parliament today at an anti-trans rally organized by the Women’s Action Network.

Large numbers of police attempted to separate the anti-trans protestors from pro-trans activists who arrived at the event.

Tensions boil over at anti-trans rally

The gathering, dubbed #WomenWillSpeak, quickly descended into a scene of turmoil as pro-trans counter-protesters and law enforcement officers confronted attendees.

Tensions reached a boiling point when pro-trans activists attempted to breach police lines attempting to get closer to the speakers, triggering a forceful response from law enforcement.

Witnesses reported scenes of chaos as police tackled protesters to the ground and deployed pepper spray to contain the situation.

Among the casualties of the altercation was Tony Gough, a media photographer, who sustained injuries during the scuffle.

Liberal Democratic Party MP David Limbrick was also seen at the event listening to speakers during the rally.

“We will not tolerate disgraceful and unlawful behaviour”

A man live-streaming the event found himself embroiled in a physical altercation with counter-protesters, as they attempted to take his phone from him.

Witnesses saw a group of pro-trans activists follow the man and attempt to take his equipment from him until police intervened on the situation.

Victorian Police expressed their disappointment at the violent turn of events.

“Our members were confronted by hostile members of the crowd who acted violently towards the police.”

“We have a long history of supporting peaceful protest but will not tolerate disgraceful and unlawful behaviour,” stated a police spokesperson.

“There are Nazis there right now”

The rally, attended by approximately 100 people was advertised as an event for the #WomenWillSpeak movement, however many spotted supporters of the crowd sporting Nazi insignia.

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Online trans activist and National Convenor of Queer Unionists Amy Sargeant called out the event organisers for associating with the nazi supporters.

“Hello to all the bigots in my replies who said Nazis wouldn’t come to today’s rally” she wrote

“There are Nazis there right now. Once again, they have failed to condemn their Nazi friends.”

“We went from “Let Women Speak” to “Let Women Let Nazis Speak” real quick” she said in a later tweet.

This rally comes almost a year after a similar event in Melbourne was infiltrated by neo-Nazis targeting the trans community.

Two women in their 20’s were arrested at the anti-trans rally and are expected to be charged.


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