Rebel Wilson Australian Book Tour Cancelled

Rebel Wilson Australian Book Tour Cancelled
Image: Source: Rebel Wilson on Facebook

Following the sudden delay of her memoir, Aussie actress and comedian Rebel Wilson has now cancelled the book tour of Australia that was supporting the book’s launch. 

Ticket-holders were informed on Thursday April 18th that the event had been cancelled because of work conflicts, which Wilson confirmed in an Instagram story.

Source: @rebelwilson on Instagram

The Pitch Perfect star was set to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as part of the promotional tour, with the event description saying that she would have shared “the emotional and physical lessons she has learned, as well as her most embarrassing experiences.” 

Rebel Rising was due out on April 4th in Australia, but fans who had pre-ordered were shocked to find that their orders had been cancelled and sellers listing the book as unavailable. 

Wilson also confirmed that the new release date for Rebel Rising is 8th of May in Australia and 25th of April in the United Kingdom.

Why was the Rebel Wilson memoir delayed?

There has still been no official statement as to why Rebel Rising was abruptly delayed at the beginning of April. 

However, speculation continues that it was due to disparaging comments that Wilson made about Sacha Baron Cohen in one chapter of the book, calling him an “asshole” who had sexually harassed her on the set of Grimsby

Though the Borat actor was not directly named in the book, Wilson confirmed his identity on Instagram to her followers.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: “He’s hired a crisis PR manager and lawyers. He’s trying to stop the press coming out about my book, but the book WILL come out and you will all know the truth.” 

A statement from Cohen’s team called the claims “demonstrably false” that were contradicted by “extensive detailed evidence” from the set of the film.

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