RuPaul Calls New Zealand and Australian Drag ‘Ratchet’

RuPaul Calls New Zealand and Australian Drag ‘Ratchet’
Image: RuPaul

RuPaul described New Zealand and Australian Drag as ‘ratchet’ when he was on the Graham Norton Show, just weeks after wrapping filming for RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Season 2.

While being interviewed, RuPaul told Norton that Australia and New Zealand Drag is “a little more ratchet.”

Laughs and gasps circulated in the studio and RuPaul admitted that “a little more ratchet” is a positive in his eyes.

“I’m going to get in trouble for this – they are a little more ratchet…which is great. Because I’m married to an Australian and Australians have a great sense of humour.”

Studio ‘the Size of a Garage’

RuPaul told Norton that the studio in New Zealand where season 2 was filmed was “the size of a garage” and the Queens who compete on the season are “very different.”

RuPaul revealed that the Down Under version is a little “different.” RuPaul told Graham Norton that “you’d never know it, and we still have fun. It’s a different type, Australian and Down Under Queens are very different.”

The first season of RuPaul Drag Race Down Under aired in May 2021 and was well received. The second season is due to air later this year and will see local drag queens compete in what is considered the “Olympics” of Drag. We are all waiting in eager anticipation!

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