British group Zoot Woman are producing some of the hottest electronic tunes this year. Sydney Star Observer caught up with band members Jasmin O’Meara and Adam Blake to speak about their ever-changing music and their new album Things Are What They Used To Be.

SSO: There are so many influences in your music. How would you classify your style of music?

Jasmin O’Meara: I tend to describe it as pop because I think and hope that it is accessible to many different people… as much to those who are into electro as to those who are into rock.
The songs stand up on their own even when played on a single guitar. The fact that the songs on the album rely heavily on synths, and therefore could be classed as electro, is secondary to me.

SSO: You have released many albums and EPs over the years. Have your style or musical direction changed?

Adam Blake: I think we’ve developed what we started and although direction may have changed it’s still recognisable to fans of ZW.

Where do you see the direction of your music going?

AB: I don’t. That’s the interesting thing about making music. You can have theoretical ideas about how you want it to go, but really it’s bollocks.  You’re part of a process when you’re writing and a lot of the best concepts happen through chance.

JO: At a certain stage in the writing process, a song starts having a life of its own and will tell you what it needs. If you’re in tune with that, you just have to let go and see where that leads you.

SSO: What inspired the name of the album?

JO: For me it’s about accepting your past, not dwelling on it and moving on. It’s a common complaint among people that things aren’t what they used to be when comparing their present lives with the often romanticised recollections of their past. Thinking like this prevents you from growing. Truth is, things probably aren’t any worse now than they were back then … so just get on with it and live in the moment.

SSO: Did you have any criteria for the direction you wanted this album to go in? Does the listener go on a journey?

Adam: No! It’s the same as the writing process. The quality of the song supersedes the original intention you might have had for it.

SSO: What song means the most to you and why?

Lonely By Your Side and Lust Forever because they best capture the themes of the album.

Probably We Won’t Break.  We’ve been opening the shows with that song for a while now and whenever I hear the opening synths it instantly puts me in a great mood, which in turn helps me find the energy to put on a good show. Whenever I’m listening to the album and that song comes up it triggers the same reaction in me. Also the title We Won’t Break is a pretty powerful motto to live by… especially during those moments in life where circumstances seem to be beating you down.

Did you know you have a big gay following? You must be excited of this?

AB: Yes – guess the music or the look of the band that appeals…

JO: The more the merrier.


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