FOX News firebrand Tucker Carlson has been on the receiving end of widespread ridicule following the release of a trailer promoting the upcoming episode of Tucker Carlson Originals entitled The End of Men.

The 49 second clip, which has since gone viral and dubbed as “off-the-charts homoerotic” by social media users, was cut from the end of the original two minute long trailer which was posted to Carlson’s website on April 15. 

The End of Men is the premiere episode of the show’s second season, set to air on Fox Nation.


Shirtless, Homoerotic Montage

The shortened version of the trailer is a decidedly homoerotic montage of men (often shirtless) engaged in a variety of ‘manly’ activities; firing guns, barbecuing, wrestling, doing push ups, milking cows, drinking egg yolk, chopping wood and tipping tires, all set against Richard Strauss’s rousing composition Also Sprach Zarathustra, perhaps best known from 2001: A Space Odyssey

“Once a society collapses then, you’re in hard times,” deeply intones the narrator, who continues, “Well, ‘iron sharpens iron,’ as they say. And those hard times inevitably produce men who are tough, men who are resourceful, men who are strong enough to survive. Then they go on to re-establish order, and so the cycle begins again.” 

Most notably the trailer includes a curious shot of a naked man standing behind what looks like an electronic gas pump, illuminated against a darkening sky. The man, arms outstretched, has his genitals hidden behind the machine and is apparently having his testicles charged.

Testicle Tanning

In the episode, Carlson interviews “fitness professional” Andrew McGovern who promotes the benefits of “red-light” or “bromeotherapy” as an antidote to what Carlson refers to as the ‘crashing’ testosterone levels of men.

“So, obviously, half the viewers right now are like, ‘What? Testicle tanning? That’s crazy!’” Carlson says during the interview. “But my view is, OK, testosterone levels have crashed and nobody says anything about it. That’s crazy. So why is it crazy to seek solutions?”

Even outspoken conservative Kid Rock, who appears later in the episode, seems confused and bewildered by Carlson’s fascination with so-called testicle tanning.

“Open your mind, Bobby,” Carlson tells Rock, who frequently appears on Carlson’s program. “Don’t you think at this point when so many of the therapies, the paths they’ve told us to take, have turned out to be dead ends that really hurt people, why wouldn’t open-minded people seek new solutions?”

“Dude, stop! Testicle tanning? Come on. I haven’t heard anything like that in a long time,” Rock laughs. “I don’t know what the hell is going on in this world. I’m not even sure if I understood that question. But some days you just want to stop this planet and let me off.”

Carlson’s seeming fascination with all things genital related resulted in a wave of social media posts lampooning Carlson and his program.

One Twitter user, Tom Kidd, tweeted, “I don’t know why Tucker Carlson should be so concerned about testicle tanning; he hasn’t any, so he’s safe,” while Hamish Mitchell tweeted, “I sure hope the dudes tanning their testicles are sending Tucker Carlson proof.”

Tucker Carlson’s Homophobia

Carlson has long promoted a theory that masculinity and virility is in a rapid state of decline, and has thus resulted in weak leadership. In 2018, Carlson even broadcast a show arguing that, ‘something ominous is happening to men”

“Ignoring the decline of men does not help anyone,” said Carlson at the end of his broadcast. “Men and women need each other. One cannot exist without the other. That is elemental biology…when men fail all of us suffer.”

Author and journalist Michelangelo Signorile published a lengthy 2021 report in which he investigated Carlson’s “pathological obsession with homosexuality,” and said Carlson “has promoted and revelled in violence against queer people.” 

Carlson has frequently used transphobic rhetoric on his program Tucker Carlson Tonight. In 2020, Carlson said it was “grotesque” that kids were identifying themselves as transgender.

Former Presidential candidate, and current Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has also been become a favourite target of Carlson. 

In 2021 Carlson criticised Buttigieg over his planned paternal leave to care for his newly adopted twins and more recently said, “This guy, who literally couldn’t fix the potholes in South Bend, Indiana, is now the transportation secretary. But he breastfeeds so it’s equity! It’s unbelievable!”


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