Yvie Oddly Shares Goss On ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Season 7 Drama

Yvie Oddly Shares Goss On ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Season 7 Drama
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Yvie Oddly has spilled some serious tea about her time on Drag Race All-Stars season 7.

In a conversation on Drag Tea Served with Matt, the Drag Race season 11 winner was asked about a series of posts she made after the series that expressed her dissatisfaction with the season and her portrayal on it. 

“I went back to have fun, I didn’t think I was going to be the queen of all queens,” she said. There were all these other sides of me that I was so excited to show, and just do this victory lap, no pressure.

“And while that is ultimately the product that ended up getting delivered to the fans, the process was not that. I don’t know if the judges just didn’t get the memo early enough, but I would say that I and all the queens in general were more critically judged than on a lot of our original seasons.”

“They said some things to me that are probably still going to stick with my annoying little brain for the rest of my life that don’t need to, that don’t mean anything, because they didn’t air.”

Yvie Oddly’s experience on All Stars season 7

Yvie shared that judges told her that she hadn’t figured herself out, and that she hadn’t grown as an artist since her Drag Race season 11 win. “They’re critiquing us like we’re baby queens trying to find our footing in the world,” she said. 

The news comes as a surprise, given that All Stars season 7 was seen as an extremely positive and fun season of Drag Race, owing to the fact that it was the first all-winners season in the franchise. 

“I wish the version that the fans were shown was the version that was filmed, because that’s what we were promised,” the queen said. “I just have to deal with all the secret little trauma on my own terms because it looks too dirty for WOW.”

Yvie has previously been vocal about her thoughts on the way the show affects its queens, previously calling Drag Race producers “often the greediest, most calculating capitalist culture thieves”, and harshly criticised AS7’s editing. 

However, Yvie doesn’t regret returning for All Stars. “Even though the judges didn’t seem to give a shit, I got all the positive feedback and reinforcement I was looking for from the people that were my competitors,” she commented.

“I’m always happy for the chance to show what I can do to the world – I’m very thankful for that and the opportunity to have been a part of the coolest iteration of Drag Race, an all-winners version. I am forever thankful.”

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