1000* Days Without A Drink…

1000* Days Without A Drink…

I definitely never set out to ‘never drink again’ or really even go one day over my initial goal to see if I could go 365 days (2018) without alcohol.

It’s not like I’d stopped because I had a problem with drink, though I freely admit to having a healthy dose of addictive personality and I do have deep rooted issues with food, but the booze?!

Easy peasy!

I HATED that burn at the back of my throat anyway, from my very first sip and being a good Australian child, my first sip was early on – I remember it being a dubious treat to be able to have the foam off the top of family members’ beers – kinda like having the froth off a cappuccino!

Though typically, I didn’t have my first sip of caffeine until much much later!

Towards the end of 2017, I decided that I was going to try and get through 2018 without a single drop of alke-hol passing my lips.

 It seemed like good timing, my last ‘big night out’ was at my 20 year high school reunion at home in Cairns. The event was considered by all who attended to be a raging success, which was a relief because I’d organised the whole event and by the time it all happened, I felt I deserved to let go and have a few drinks!

And drink I did. But I must have paced myself splendidly because my hangover was light and I ended up deciding to start early, with the reunion being a nice way to begin my break – on December 17, 2017.

Then suddenly it’s the end of 2018 and it’s been twelve months!

2019 goes by…

Still no drinky drinkies*

2020 comes in with all its horrid glory and it’s a been a shit fight and still no imbibing, mainly because I had a cruise booked from Hong Kong to Sydney for August to hang out for and that would have been 986 days*, but obviously that never happened and now I am holding out to the next cruise date in March 2021 – that probably won’t happen either and then who knows how long the drought will go on!

I can honestly say that if I never had another drink in my whole life, I wouldn’t miss it.

 So, 1000 days seemed like a good milestone to commemorate!

Now, where did I put that cake?

* so the little asterisk is because I was going to break my drought on Christmas Eve 2019 after two years and I was spending a couple of nights at a fancy hotel with club room access which INCLUDED ALCOHOL so I was gung ho to go!! Ordered my vodka, lime and soda and was very underwhelmed. Decided not to make it two and honestly within the hour, I felt so sad and depressed!! With literally nothing to be down and sad about but jeez, that downer was really a downer. So that was the one and only drink in 1000 days and boy did I have regrets!!

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