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by Scott Henry
Personal Trainer
Lifestyle Fitness Erskineville

It’s hard to believe but February is fast approaching. Who made New Year’s resolutions to become fitter and healthier and still has not done anything about it?

I bet you have come up with one or more of the following excuses. Well, it’s still not too late to get started.

I am busy and don’t have time

All I hear now when people use this excuse is “blah blah blah”. We work 40-50 hours a week. Why not pencil in your diary an hour every day or even half an hour to exercise.

Have a routine and stick to it. It’s better then putting on weight or even worse having health issues — then you waste more time having to go to doctors. Exercise will eventually save you time as you get fitter and you will be able do many ordinary tasks. You can run up stairs, walk faster and carry more shopping bags. So, being busy is not a good excuse. Let’s get physical and stay fit and healthy.

I can’t afford gym membership

We can all afford it! You don’t need money to exercise.

Think about how many frivolous things you regularly spend money on that are damaging to your health and yet you don’t think twice about getting out your wallet for. Given that the average gym membership will generally only cost you the same amount per week as a pack of 25 cigarettes, or the cost per day of a fancy donut, you will often find you are just using this as an excuse.

However, if money really is an issue then you can start taking care of yourself better simply by getting more active. Everyone can walk, run, get work-outs online and follow directions on equipment in their local park, all for free.

It’s boring

Do you know there are lots different things you could do that are classified as exercise? Try something different every time, you will eventually find the things you love.

You can always train with someone or a personal trainer thy keep it interesting and fun and you don’t even have to think about your workout.

I’m too old and it is too late to start exercising

Exercise is an ageless activity. Working out may not remove your wrinkles, but it will bring a smile to your face. It will build your stamina, help you lose weight and reduce stress, and allow you to live healthier.

Think of how much more you can enjoy doing the things you like to do when you are in better condition even when you are in your late 50s or 60s.

I’m too fat with a big tummy and it’s embarrassing to exercise

Even if you just walk for 15 minutes, increase it each time. Slowly, you can jog before you can run. Classes (spin, body pump) can be great as you can go at your own pace and you have guidance from the instructor, giving you different options.

You can always get someone who is overweight to exercise with you.

Most people are too busy exercising and will not spend time looking at you. Everyone is at the gym for similar reasons — to stay fit and healthy.

I’m a beginner and I don’t know what to do or where to start

Everyone has to start somewhere, exercise is not rocket science. Do something you know and feel comfortable doing. There are so many options available even walking is a great start.

Introducing my client Blake, one of the winners of the SSO and Lifestyle Fitness Australia Summer Giveaway, who is a busy music industry professional in his mid-20s, Since 2004 Blake has gained more than 20kg from poor eating choices and an increasingly hectic lifestyle.

Blake has also been cautious about joining any kind of gym. He has no real previous fitness experience, and has concerns about aggravating old injuries, yet he made the decision last year that 2011 was going to be a year of change.

Blake’s main goals are weight loss and increased fitness levels for a healthier lifestyle.

One of the major challenges Blake has faced since joining Lifestyle has been time management. With late nights and early starts, how do you maintain the motivation to eat properly and hit the cross-trainer? This has been done through creating realistic, simple goals — achievable amounts of exercise by planning his week and pencilling training sessions in his diary.

The results have been impressively immediate for Blake, with over 5kg — and an entire jeans size — lost in less than a month. The challenge now is to maintain motivation and commitment as his worklife re-intensifies following the Christmas break, as well as to negotiate through the dieting plateau.

“Everyday you give an excuse not to exercise is a day lost in getting closer to your fitness goal. Every day you follow your workout program, is a day closer to your fitness goal.”

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